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One for the Ages 0

So you've been playing the demo for several weeks and you're not sure whether the full version is worth your $40?  Well stop wondering, because Unreal 2004 is the best PC game so far this year.  UT2K4 features a whopping 10 modes of online play, over a dozen weapon, an abundance of ground and air vehicles, voice recognition, tons of maps new and old, and an in-depth single player mode.  If you're even remotely interested in the FPS genre, you simply must own Unreal Tournament 2004 because i...

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Godlike 2

I've owned this game for about 4 years now, but this is the one game I cannot get enough of, no matter how many times I play. It is nearly perfect in every way, and still holds well.The story mode is highly creative, detailed, challenging at times, and just plain fun. Onslaught and the addition of vehicles is addicting, no matter if you're playing single player or online. The main thing I love about this game, is that the graphics are great for the time it came out..and still holds true today. H...

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Best in series. 0

Given that Epic had already reached a sweet, sweet point with the original Unreal Tournament, and some would argue with UT2003, it was fair to wonder what more they could do with the next iteration of the series. Well, it's easy to say they've delivered, and then some. A huge selection of new maps, gorgeous graphics, improved game play, and the return of Assault are generous enough. But the addition of Onslaught, with its powerful vehicles and tactical variety, makes UT2004 into a multiplayer be...

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