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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 30, 2021

    Save your automaton friends from becoming the unsighted in this top-down action-adventure game from Studio Pixel Punk.

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    Unsighted is a open-world action-adventure game that follows Alma, an automaton built for combat, as she attempts to save her fellow automatons from an invasion by their former masters, the human race. The humans have closed off a meteor that landed in the middle of a city and leaked a radioactive substance named "anima" that inadvertently gifted the automatons their sapience. With the source of anima closed off, the automatons are slowly dying, and the player's task is to collect five shards of the meteor and combine them to create a weapon capable of breaking through the humans' barrier and freeing the meteor from its enclosure.

    A major narrative element of Unsighted is that every NPC in the game, as well as Alma herself, has a designated amount of time before their anima runs out and they become the titular "unsighted": zombie-like feral beings incapable of rational thought. By dispensing a rare resource, Meteor Dust, the player can temporarily stave off this condition in Alma or any other NPC but only for an additional 24 hours. Each NPC has a specific amount of remaining time after the game's prologue concludes, with some closer to their end than others, and time will jump forward after certain cutscenes, events, and if Alma is defeated while exploring. If the player so wishes they can choose the easier "Explorer" difficulty which includes the option to remove these timers, as well as other options to make the combat and traversal easier.


    Unsighted is a top-down action game that uses a combat system similar to that of The Legend of Zelda and its imitators. Enemies hit hard and tend to appear in groups so the player is encouraged to use evasion and their parry move, which if pulled off perfectly stuns the enemy for a while and leaves them open to devastating critical attacks. The game features a crafting system, temporary buffs by way of its cog system, permanent passive boosts via computer chips, and a mix of both melee and ranged weapons that the player can upgrade with cash and materials. The player also acquires special weapons and tools while exploring that expands their traversal abilities, starting with a pair of jump boots that makes it possible to reach higher platforms.


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