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Great Hack and slash

When I started the game my hopes were high, it seemed to be a fairly intresting looking hack and slash type of game, and since I hadnt played one since bauldurs gate dark aliance for xbox I thought it would be fun. It was for a little while but the enemies dont seem to get any harder once you get to a certain point and it becomes very repetative and easy. It did however give a quite good amount of time of game play and has a few extras to do after the final quest and has a cool option where you can start over having the same character at the same level and same equipment, minus the quest items, so if you wanted you could create some uber character. The multiplayer aspect looks intresting, while I couldnt find anyone to use it with, it does sound promising. Graphics were not that bad either and it was top down but you could zoom in to have a close up of your character as you play. And for once you could buy better weapons and armor than you could find which was good and bad.

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