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Background Information: Fall of Koryn Thal

The story takes place after the fall of Koryn Thal, the captial city of an unnamed empire. A warlord, Nakiva, marched into the city with his otherworldly army (known as the Bokni Horde) and killed all that stood in their way, including the king, Nahir. However, in that battle, Nahir was able to land a clean blow ay Nakiva, which was surprising yet good news, since Nakiva was seemingly untouchable and indestructible before that. Nakiva then assumed the throne and began his rule, creating a society of fear and oppression.  

Prologue: Flight to Freedom

Around 18 years after the fall of Koryn Thal, Nakiva began a campaign to register changelings, a race of people that could turn from man to beast and back again, into his army. Those changelings who would not submit to his rule would be killed.  
The playable character, a changeling himself/herself, starts in the Undercity of Koryn Thal (aka the large sewer system underneath the city) to join a meeting hosted by the Sheriff, Suri Mah. In the meeting he/she meets up with thee people. The Sheriff, Rori Shi (a blacksmith changeling who distrusts the Sheriff) and Nani Dae (a young changeling who was rescued by the Sheriff). The Sheriff tells those in the meeting that the remaining changelings should evacuate the city immediately. This meeting is soon broken up by Ru Kaji, the changeling general under Nakiva, forcing the changelings in the meeting to fight their way out of the sewers and out of the city walls.  

Chapter 1

The playable character ends up fleeing to the cold mountains, with and army of the Emperor's soldiers on the trail. And perhaps by fluke, the changeling was able to find a secret monastery to hide in. The monastery was occupied by an order of monks, who were protecting two important people who were living with them: Azran, the only son of King Nahir (although Nahir never knew it) and Lady Inaya, Azran's mother and a former harem girl to Nahir eighteen years ago. The monks were willing to keep the changeling from harm's way, but they expected some payback, since the changeling ruined the monastery's cover and now the Emperor was attempting to set up a post to attack the once safe monks. The changeling, obeying these requests, then went to the enemy lines, destroyed the nearby siege factory, then went back to the shrine in the monastery and eliminated the Bokni troops stationed there. 

These brave efforts helped to deter the Emperor, but there was no doubt that the Bokni would return again. The order of monks decided that Azran needed to leave the monastery along with the changeling and Trainer Vishal (one of the best warriors among the monks). The rest of the monks would remain at the monastery, portecting Lady Inaya.   

Chapter 2

The three warriors travel downward in order to reach Koryn Thal and attack Nakiva. On their journey, they met up with the Resistance, a group of freedom fighters that was situated in Outpost Hope. This group was led by Suri Mah, the sheriff, and Captain Seras, a capable human officer (and with some romantic interest with the Sheriff). However, upon arrival, Suri Mah was missing from his last assignment. The changeling was then immediately forced (by Captain Seras) to destroy the Tower of Might. In addition, the changeling also rescued Suri Mah from imprisonment. When Suri Mah returned, Outpost Hope was relieved.  

But the celebrations had to halt for a while, because the Resistance was in trouble. The Bokni horde began to mount a counterattack against the camp by sending two armies led by Commanders Thorgon and Skander. Fortunately, the changeling was able to defeat the two generals, but upon return to the camp news about the monastery arrived in the form of Master Surya (leader of the monks). He explains that the Bokni forces successfully assaulted the monastery. The horde was led by a mysterious cloaked figure, who was able to sap all the energy out of the monks. The monks were easily crushed and everyone in the monastery (yes, even Lady Inaya, the beautiful mother of Azran, was killed when she refused to tell the cloaked figure where her son is). Azran was devastated by the news and became extremely upset.
Soon after the news, the changeling was on the move again. This time, he/she along with Seras and Suri Mah, had to now engage Deathguard, the main fort of the area, so that a path could be open to Koryn Thal for the Resistance to prepare for a final showdown with Nakiva. The trio proved to be too effective, as they captured Deathguard and killed General Teirsat, the powerful general which governed Deathguard with an iron fist. 
After this successful exhibition, the Resistance was euphoric, celebrating with great gusto and being quite joyful for the first time in a long time. But there was more work to be done. Upon some thinking, Surya suggested a northern trip to the now desolate city of Techlatal, accompanied by the changeling along with Rori Shi and Nani Dae (the playable character's two changeling friends who attended the meeting in the safehouse (see prologue)). The purpose of this trip is to find more about the cloaked figure and his buddies (the Amaranthine Orbis), and, indirectly, the source of Nakiva's power. The Resistance, as well as Azran and Vishal, would then move to Koryn Thal for the final showdown with Nakiva.  

Chapter 3

En route to Techletal, Surya talked about the history of the Ancient City. He said that the city used to be a center of knowledge, but everything changed when the Amaranthine Orbis, a group of curious necromantic scholars, opened up a dimensional rift around the city. Because of this, the dead were bound to the Earth and the city faced famine. Therefore, the people of the city revolted and killed the high priest of the city, and the Amaranthine Orbis left the city. The coven (A. Orbis) was nowhere to be seen for a thousand years.  
The character and the rest of the group then set camp to the ruins of the city and tried to talk to the spirits for information. But the spirits were hesitant because the player's changeling character; They feared that the changeling will kill them the same way other changelings in the area (called the Wendigo) did. Therefore, the character had to travel through the desert and to the Elder's Sanctum to slay the king of the Wendigo tribe in order to . After that, though, things get interesting. The character began to explore the complex of where he/she slain the Wendigo patriarch and found a stone with strange writings. The character relays the information back to Surya, who then used it to figure about how Nakiva became so powerful. At the same time, the character had an accidental encounter with an elder of the Amaranthine Orbis, and both fought... until the coven escaped. However, during the next encounter, the character was able to trap the same elder with an artificial rift in the coven's area of operation.  
Surya then realized how the Amaranthine Orbis was involved with Nakiva by connecting it with the past history of the Koryn Thal Dynasty. He remembered that his former master, King Zatharun, had an affair with a woman called Atti Marra. Atti Marra was eventually discovered to be a changeling and she was exiled. Meanwhile, her son, Nakiva, stayed with the palace and with the royal family. During the exile, Atti Marra was eventually found by the Amaranthine Orbis and she was embraced into its fold. Eventually Nakiva followed with the group and eventually became powerful.   
But before Surya decided to do anything, he decided that the trapped spirits need to be set free. So the character, along with a spirit known as Zuleka (the daughter of the slain high priest of Techletal) ventured into the Forbidden Temple and complete the ritual to sacrifice Zuleka in order to mend the rift and unbound the spirits to its original place (wherever it may be). 
After that, Surya and the rest of the group need to figure out how to weaken Nakiva. However the information of how Nakiva could be defeated came from the captured Amaranthine Orbis elder, who spilled the beans to the changeling because he was confident that no matter happens Nakiva will seal his reign. The elder explains that Nakiva could only be damaged by those who share a blood tie. That means the only people who could kill him are Azran and other changelings. To further weaken Nakiva beyond the blood tie, however, the character would need to venture to the underworld via the dimensional portal the coven made and find the answer there. And the character did just that. By slaying the Gatekeeper and the Archons, the character entered the portal and into the Underworld.


In UT: The Warrior's code, you can take control of several different classes that each have their own unique weapons, armor, and playing style. The combat is very focused on using special skills to your advantage. Many skills will stun enemies for very short times to allow you to chain your attacks if you time it right.

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