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    Urban Champion

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Nov 14, 1984

    An early fighting game for the NES in which the goal is to win as many fights as possible by knocking the opposing fighter into a manhole.

    symphony's Urban Champion (Nintendo Entertainment System) review

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    Why am I even reviewing this?!

    I think I had this game on one of those "questionably legitimate" 10 in 1 game cartridges, because there's no way in hell I'd actually pay full price for it.

    Why is that? Because the game consists of two brawlers facing off in a street trying to push each other into an open manhole at either end of the screen. You continuously mash the A button until you push your opponent into the manhole and move on to the next screen where the whole thing repeats ad nauseum. Once in awhile some old lady will try to drop a flower pot on you from above, so watch out!

    That's the entirety of the game, from start to finish. I'm not even sure there is an end to the game, as it becomes tediously boring after a few screens.

    This game was bad back then and is not even worth checking out for nostalgic purposes. You're better off just punching a pillow repeatedly.

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