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    Urien is a character introduced in Street Fighter 3: Double Impact. He is the brother of the final boss, Gill.

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     Urien the the brother of Gill (the last boss of Street Fighter 3).  He is inferior to his brother and is his subordinate in their organization known as the Illuminatii. Urien wishes to overthrow his brother and take ultimate control of the organization in order to take over the world.

    Gameplay and Techniques

    Urien is a "charge character" in that most of his special moves (aside from his fireball equivalent "Metallic Sphere" and super moves) require a second or so of holding either back or down before coming out. However, skilled Urien players can "charge buffer" in which they begin charging a move immediately after seeing their previous move begin, resulting in Urien being able to juggle quite effectively.

    His move list is similar to his brother Gill's, but need charges, unlike Gill's command moves. His "Chariot Tackle" is a short to long range move which sends Urien rushing toward his opponent shoulder first, while his "Dangerous Headbutt" is a short range move that has him fling his head forward in a quick smash. He can also attack from above with his "Deadly Knee Drop", a gravity defying aerial attack which has him plant his knee's into an opponent face. Finally, he of course possesses a standard fireball move called "Metallic Sphere" which can be shot in 3 different angles.

    His Super Moves are basically upgraded versions of his Specials, the "Tyrant Slaughter" being a few chariot tackles followed by a close line finish. His Jupiter Thunder is a Super Fireball which inflicts decent damage, but a lot of stun. His third Super is new entirely, the Aegis Reflector. This move allows Urien to create a wall that can hit up to seven times float towards, away, above or behind the opponent, resulting in "unblockables". This allows Urien to get guaranteed damage, as no opponent can block from two sides. While this may seem a overpowered technique to some, it is quite difficult to pull off correctly and is the only reason Urien is considered to be upper to top tier, as some of his moves have bad recovery and average damage.


    • Unlike his brother Gill who controls fire and Ice, Urien control electricity and metal.
    • Urien's moves tend to be named after Roman/Greek influences such as Spartan Bomb, Aegis Reflector, Chariot Tackle, and Jupiter Thunder.
    • Has the same move list as Gill but his moves are toned down, do less damage and contain more recovery time

    Urien unblockable combo video by RX.

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