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    USG Ishimura

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    The USG Ishimura is a Massive Planet Cracker vessel. It's purpose is to crack open barren planets and mine them for resources. It is also the location where a mining engineer named Issac Clarke discovers the horrifying Necromorphs and the location where Dead Space takes place.

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    The USG Ishimura is a planet cracker class mining vessel in the service of the CEC, a large mining conglomerate in the universe of Dead Space. It is both the largest and oldest of the massive planet cracker ships, and has served as the flagship of the CEC mining fleet for over 60 years. Named after the inventor of the ship's propulsion system, physicist Hideki Ishimura, it is used for large-scale, commercial, deep space expeditions. The Isimura's primary function is to crack, mine, and smelt entire celestial bodies, including planets and moons, providing vast quantities of raw resources.

    Plot Importance

    During the events of Dead Space, the USG Ishimura unexpectedly enters radio silence after a successful planet crack, prompting the CEC to dispatch an engineering team including Zach Hammond, Kendra Daniels, and the game's protagonist Isaac Clarke, to investigate and repair the ship.

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