USS Enterprise NCC-1701 E

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    The Enterprise-E is a Sovereign class vessel and the flagship of the Federation Starfleet.

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    The Enterprise NCC-1701 E, captained by Jean-Luc Picard, is the sixth commissioned Starfleet vessel to carry the name Enterprise (seventh when counting the NX-01 prototype). Picard and his crew migrated to this vessel after Enterprise-D was damaged beyond repair in the events at Veridian III (Star Trek: Generations).

    Technical Specifications

    Referred Titles: Enterprise-E or NCC-1701-Epsilon
    Class: Sovereign Class Exploration Starship
    Commissioned: 2372
    Total Length: 685m
    Total Width: 250m
    Total Height: 120m
    Total Weight: 3,250,000 metric tons
    Maximum Speed: Warp 9.9
    Decks:  24
    Standard Crew Complements: 750 (Officers: 90, Enlisted: 660)
    Passengers: 110 
    Emergency Limit: 4000

    Senior Staff

     Jean-Luc Picard
     Captain  Commanding Officer
     William T. Riker
     Human Commander First Officer
     Android Lieutenant Commander
     Second Officer
      Worf Klingon  Lieutenant Commander Tactical Officer
     Geordi La Forge Human Lieutenant Chief Engineer
      Beverly Crusher
     Chief Medical Officer
     Deanna Troi
     Half Human
     Half Betazoid
     Commander Counselor

    Hazard Team

     Alexander Munro
     Human Lieutenant Commanding Officer
     Telsia Murphy
     Human Ensign Sniper / Scout
     Austin Chang
     Half Human
     Half Rigellian
     Chell Bolian Ensign Tecnician
     Jorge Gonzales
     Human Ensign Covert Ops
     Juliet Jurot
     Betazoid Ensign  Field Medic
     Korban Klingon Ensign  Weapon Specialist
     Elizabeth Laird
     Human Ensign Scout
     Namkcots Sirhc
     Andorian Ensign Scout
     Sydney Stockman
     Human Ensign Pilot
     Jonathan Struhlem
     Denobulan Ensign Scout
     Kenioth Thompson
     Caitian Ensign Scout
      Tuvok Vulcan Lt. Commander
     Integration of Hazard Team
     to Enterprise-E

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