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    USS Enterprise NCC-1701

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    In Star Trek the Enterprise NCC-1701 is the first in a series of Federation starships. As a constitution class vessel, its mission is one of science and exploration.

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    The Enterprise NCC-1701 s a Constitution-class starship commissioned by the Federation Starfleet on a peaceful mission of exploration and learning. For self-defense purposes, it is armed with phasers and photon torpedoes. The starship was originally Captained by Christopher Pike. Pike was succeeded d by James T. Kirk.


    This ship encountered many strange phenomena such as the Guardian of Forever on the Gateway planet. This also the first Federation craft to uncover an image of the Romulan people's appearance after capturing Commander Keras on the viewscreen conferring with his crew. Kirk and his bridge crew were famously able to defeat Keras' prototype Bird of Prey with the Enterprise's standard photons and shields despite its advanced cloak technology and plasma weaponry. This battle prevented the Romuluan Star Empire from bringing another full scale war to Federation space after learning of the firepower stored on their so-called science vessels.


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