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    Uther the Lightbringer

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    Uther was the first paladin in the Knights of the Silver Hand and led the group into battle with the Horde during the Second War. He was later betrayed and killed by his pupil, Prince Arthas during the Third War.

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    During the First War Uther was apprentice cleric to Archbishop  Alonsus Faol . Alonsus Faol was only mentor to one other person and that was Benedictus who is the leader of the chapel of light in Stormwind city. The fall of Stormwind made Faol belive that faith alone was not enough to combat evil. So he decided to create a new order with both the power of light and also combat prowess. Alonsus Faol offered Uther a spot in this order which would be named The Knights of the Silver Hand,  and thus the Palidens were born. Uther was inducted at Alonus church in Stratlaholme and was given the postion as leader of the Knights of the Silver Hand.  
    During the coming of the Second War Uther toke part in some of the bloodiest battles. He led Lordearon in defending their nation against the vile orcs led by Orgrim Doomhammer who was the lead orc of all the forces but was betrayed and deserted by one of his most trusted advisors, which left his armies half gone. This gave the perfect chance for the human nation to fight back against the orcs driving them back into blackrock spire. He was given the name "Lightbringer" by General Turalyon.   "And I thank you, Uther the Lightbringer,” Turalyon replied, and he saw the older Paladin’s eyes widen at the new title. “For so shall you be known henceforth, in honor of the Holy Light you brought us this day.” Uther bowed, clearly pleased, then turned without another word and walked back toward the other knights of the Silver Hand, no doubt to tell them their marching orders".
    When fighting the Scrouge with his beloved pupil Arthas Menethil he was relieved of his rights as a Paliden because he would not slaughture the people of Stratlahome. This moment broke Uthers heart and this is when Arthas (The Lich King) began to asume the wole of his future being. After King Teranas was murdered by his son they put his remains in a magical urn after the king was ceramonial cremated. After seeing two of his closest friends being taken by the darkness he thought it his responsabilty to escort the ashes throught the burnt and broken city of Andorhal, but Arthas needed this for necromatic purposes. They met at a graveyard in that same city. Here is a quote from Uther "The urn holds your father's ashes, Arthas! What, were you hoping to piss on them one last time before you left his kingdom to rot?"  
    After a very valient effort Uther was defeated by Arthas. This was the last line spoken by Uther before his death.  "I dearly hope that there's a special place in Hell waiting for you, Arthas. "Uther was buried in the Western Plaugelands with this inscrpition under his name.   
    "Uther lived and died to defend the kingdom of Lordaeron. Though he was betrayed by his most beloved student, we believe that his spirit lives on. He continues to watch over us, even as the shadows close in around our ruined land. His light is the light of all humanity - and so long as we honor his example, it shall never fade.
    — Anonymous "

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