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Vagante is a platforming game which contains RPG and rogue-like elements. This includes the ability to unlock classes, equip your character, and a level up system. The game also utilizes a permanent death system and keeps track of player deaths as well as any completed challenges. These are later used to unlock new classes of characters.

In Vagante, the player character sets out in a series of dungeons in order to find an "unfathomable treasure." Along the way the player will defeat monsters and various bosses in randomized levels.


Vagante features multiple classes which differ in starting equipment as well as skill availability. The player can further customize a character through attributes unlocked through challenges.

Defeating monsters and bosses will accrue experience for the character. With enough experience the character may be levelled up, in which the player may choose to increase a stat or ability. Upgrading abilities often leads to a secondary effect such as the ability to use stealth or directional combat.

There is also a currency in the game which can be used with shopkeepers. There is a shopkeeper located somewhere on the map in every level. It is possible to steal from the shopkeeper but they will fight back if you are spotted.

Various items will be found along the way, this includes clothing, armor, rings, talismans, weapons, potions, scrolls, and spells. Many items will be found unidentified. This includes potions and scrolls which have randomized colors every run. The player can use identify scrolls or simply use the unidentified item to learn what it is as well as stats. This may be dangerous since items can be cursed and potions can be harmful. Certain items, such as potions, can be combined using unlocked skills to create new items.

There are multiple zones in the game with their own set of monsters and bosses. Each monster has its own set of abilities. The same goes for bosses. Bosses can be triggered in different ways, but this is usually done by coming into close proximity with them. Bosses will glow so the player can't accidentally run into them. Stealth does come into play with a monster's ability to detect the player.


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