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    Vah Shir

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    The Vah Shir are noble race of cat people in the EverQuest series.

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    The Vah Shir are a large race of noble cat-like people. They have no written language, so their entire history is carried by their bards through songs and tales. The Vah Shir came to Luclin not by choice, by as innocent bystanders in a ferocious war between the Erudites of Odus. When the two army's magical power collided, the result was a catastrophic explosion that created what is now known as The Hole. Part of the explosion launched a massive chunk of Norrathian soil into space, carrying with it much of the Kerran population of Odus. The surviving Kerrans took refuge in small villages and islands around the continent, while those taken from them soon found themselves lost in a brand new world. Through the years they have evolved into the Vah Shir we see today, now appearing in many shades of color, not just the traditional orange and black stripes of their Kerran cousins. All adolescent Vah Shir are required to go through a rite of passage to earn their citizenship before learning a trade. As one would imagine, with their cat-like agility, they make great warriors and rogues. Many Vah Shir have a calling to nature and become beastlords. A few take a liking to alchemy and become shaman. And of course, there are the bards who carry the tradition of their people. All Vah Shir have the ability to sneak as well as land safely from great heights.


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