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    A ninja/nurse hybrid in Skullgirls. She is the only survivor of Last Hope, a squad of anti-Skullgirl lab operatives, but now serves the Skullgirl herself.

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    She keeps to herself, so much of her true nature and personality are unknown.

    Valentine is a "rushdown" character with the ability to inflict status effects on her opponent: damage over time, increased hit stun and button lag, although only one may be active at a time. Her level five super allows her to revive a fallen team mate to one third of their health - made possible thanks to the fact that in Skullgirls a team mate's corpse remains on the screen after they are eliminated.

    Valentine's signature feature is her large breasts, focusing primarily on the "spillage factor", according to her official model sheet.

    Valentine is voiced by Laura Post.


    The story begins in the aftermath of Lab Zero's destruction at the hands of Double and the Skullgirl, Bloody Marie. Valentine, mentions that she has no choice but to ally herself with Marie and that it's up to Painwheel to finish what she could not. The scene flashes forward to the cathedral where Marie is sending Valentine out on a mission to destroy Lab 8 as Peacock is the only one left who can stand in her way. Afterwards she runs across Painwheel who swears to that she will destroy Valentine. As this is not part of her directives, Valentine realises that Painwheel must be resisting Brain Drain's control, something which would require incredible strength of will, so she tests the limits of Painwheel's strength in a fight. Upon her victory, Valentine states that Painwheel is far too weak in her current state and that she probably needs more time to get stronger. She taunts Painwheel, and reveals the location of the Skullgirl's whereabouts.

    On her return to the cathedral, Valentine sees that Painwheel has arrived before her and lost a fight to Double. Just before Double finishes off Painwheel, Valentine intervenes, saying that Painwheel is her "insurance policy" and reveals that she is not an ally of the Skullgirl after all. Taunting Painwheel for still being too weak, Valentine decides that she must be the one to defeat Bloody Marie. Telling Painwheel that if she wants to exact her revenge on Valentine she must find her and never stop trying until she is successful, she goes down to catacombs to defeat the Skullgirl.

    Revealing that she knows that the Skullgirl is nothing more than a pawn, and that her research will aid the anti-Skullgirl Labs who will be coming for Marie and her masters, Valentine challenges the Skullgirl and wins. On being presented with the Skull Heart, Valentine realizes she can't bring back the Last Hope because such wishes always turn out poorly, she instead wishes to become the next Skullgirl saying she needs to go deeper into enemy lines, and that she'll be waiting for Painwheel.

    The story closes with Painwheel arriving into the catacombs, and finding nothing but a hole in the ceiling and Valentine's bone saw on the ground. Painwheel picks up the bone saw and rips off her mask, then looks up at the sky through the hole that Valentine created.


    • In Painwheel's story, Valentine uses a command protocol to try to regain control over Painwheel. Valentine's authorization password are her measurements: 36E-25-40.
    • Valentine bears a striking resemblance to Sheena Fujibayashi, another ninja with a spiked ponytail and side swept bangs who is also notable for her ample chest. This doesn't seem to be a coincidence, since one of her alternate color pallets is directly inspired by the lavender outfit Sheena wears.
    • Each member of Last Hope had a codename referencing a national holiday. Including Valentine, they were: Hallow, Patty, Christmas, and Easter. Their real names are/were: Valerie, Holly, Pauline, Christine, and Esther.
    • Valentine's weapon arsenal consists of the ones used by the fallen members of the Last Hope.
    • The crosses on Valentine's design were changed from red to fuchsia in May 2014, because the publisher of Skullgirls Encore (Marvelous AQL) was concerned that the Red Cross would take legal action against them for copyright purposes regarding their emblem.
    • Valentine's likes include: Alcohol, The Scientific Method, Studying things from afar, Snakes, Wolves, Classical music, Punctuality, Careful planning, Taking things apart, News and non-fiction reading, Mind games, Chess, Acoustic guitar, Meat, Eastern culture, Dark chocolate
    • Valentines's dislikes include: Needless formality, Sentimentality, Weak people, Cooking, Bedside manner, Brain Drain, Back pain, Candy
    • Alex Ahad has said that one of the largest inspirations for Valentine was Elle Driver from the movie Kill Bill.

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