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Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical RPG franchise that uses a blend of real-time gameplay, turn-based combat and tactical strategy mixed with an overarching story and anime-styled visuals. Players take control of a small squadron of soldiers with an occasional tank in order to complete various missions. The franchise has spawned a PS3 title, two sequels on the PSP, and one browser-based online trading-card game. Sega released a PC version of the first game in 2014.


Most of the action is set around "Europa War 2," in a fictional analog to World War 2-era Europe. The small country of Gallia finds itself under attack by the great Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance (the "Empire") to its east, who seek to attack a confederation of states known as the Atlantic Federation to its west, and also to secure its stores of "Ragnite," which powers most of the machinery in the world. However, the country of Gallia calls up its militia and armed forces to stage a counterattack, eventually drawing enough blood to force the Empire back behind its borders.


Valkyria Chronicles

The peaceful town of Bruhl finds itself under attack by a massive armed Imperial force, as Alicia Melchott of the local town watch tracks down a strange man who seems to be recording the nearby wildlife. The young man, Welkin Gunther, helps Alicia repel the invaders from the town. Being the son of a legendary general, Welkin then ends up leading Squad 7 with his custom-made tank, the Edelweiss, and proves instrumental in helping Gallia repel the invading Imperial force from its borders.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

With the end of Europa War 2, Gallia only has a short-lived peace. The new leader of Gallia, Archduchess Cordelia gi Randgriz, has revealed her Darcsen lineage. This new information sparked a rebellion within the country, as the angered citizens and nobles formed the Gallian Revolutionary Army, led by the aristocratic House Gassenarl, with the goal of purging the Darcsens from the country and taking Cordelia off her throne. As the regular army cannot mobilize against an internal threat, the task ends up falling to Avan Hardins and Class G from Gallia's Lanseal Academy.

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles

During Europa War 2, the history books never mentioned a pivotal force that helped Gallia beat the Empire: The 422nd Nameless, a suicide squad full of traitors, troublemakers, and other criminals who are stripped of their name and rank and given missions that are near-impossible for the regular army to do, lest they be thrown in front of a firing squad for refusing. Lanseal graduate Kurt Irving, framed for a crime he didn't commit, is forced to take on the role of Captain for the Nameless as "Number 7" while he tries to help his squad survive long enough to clear their names.

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