Valkyria Chronicles

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Apr 22, 2008

    A turn-based tactics game with real-time elements, that tells the story of Squad 7 as they rally together to fight for the freedom of their country, Gallia.

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    Valkyria Chronicles: The Strategy RPG for You and Me 6

    It's easy to make a compelling argument that like fighting games up until the late 2000s, SRPGs have suffered from a case of increasing obscurity outside of Japan. A dwindling fanbase coupled with a slew of games made to cater only to that existing market makes it tough for someone new to the genre to break in and enjoy it today. Sega's PlayStation 3-exclusive Valkyria Chronicles, thankfully, avoids repeating those trends. A visually striking game with an engaging storyline and nuanced, yet intu...

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    War is Hell(a Fun) 3

    In many ways, Valkyria Chronicles was very much ahead of its time. Originally released in 2008, the game blazed a new trail in the strategy RPG genre with its hybrid real-time/turn-based combat system. From it’s gorgeous hand drawn style to its deep gameplay systems, the game has been heralded as an underrated gem in the Playstation 3’s library. But eight years after the fact, does Valkyria Chronicles hold up against the march of time, technology, and game design? The answer is mostl...

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    A Next-Gen RPG that truly delivers. 0

    Valkyria Chronicles is an interesting fusion of genres that a great time for RPG fans; when quality RPGs are few and far between on any of the current consoles. Chronicles tells a deep engaging story set amidst a WWII-type clash of superpowers as well as challenging you with a varied and deep combat system. Set in a fictional version of  Europe, cunningly named Europa, embroiled in the Second Europan War, Valkyria Chronicles follows the events of the Empire’s invasion of a small, neutral country...

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    Strokes of Brilliance, with but a Few Spots on the Canvas 2

    Simply put, Valkyria Chronicles is a great game, and a refreshing example of innovation in a largely static genre, namely the strategy RPG. However, its solid mechanics and excellent presentation are marred slightly by minor oversights and snags that serve to keep the tactical experience from being as smooth as it could be.Alicia MelchiottThe marketing line notes that the game is set in something of a fantasy-alternative-history World War II (rather "Europan War II"), but that premise falls apar...

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    Valkyria Chronicles - 4 stars 0

    Valkyria Chronicles is a singleplayer turn-based strategy game with a limited amount of real-time control. The plot unfolds as a storybook, with chapters detailing the exploits of Squad 7 of the Gallian Militia; you play as Welkin Gunther, the squad's leader.Gameplay:The mechanics of the game are easy to pick up, but are complex enough to offer a large amount of choice and tactical decision-making. The crux of the gameplay involves selecting a unit and controlling them in third-person; utilizing...

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    Squad 7, move out! 1

    I've always loved a good strategy RPG. And make no mistake- Valkyria Chronicles deserves to be ranked among the best in its genre. It's a well designed game that has a ton of interesting mechanics and quality production values. It's unfortunate that it comes with some pacing and technical issues, but that doesn't stop Valkyria Chronicles from being a game that fans of strategy RPGs will fall in love with. I know I did. Valkyria Chronicles fits into the mold of games like Fire Emblem or Final Fan...

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    Best SRPG in Years! 0

    It is a rare thing to find a strategy role-playing game (SRPG) done right in this age of first-person shooters, third-person shooters, and soon massively multiplayer online shooters. But here we have a game that combines two elements many players cherish--turn-based military strategy and story-driven role playing--into one gorgeous work of art. I could not be more thankful for it.I started playing Valkyria Chronicles early this year after having a break around New Year's with some spare time to ...

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    Valkyria Chronicles, a rare glimpse of the old Sega. 0

    It may surprise you to know that Sega, currently the purveyors of avoidable Sonic games and movie tie-ins, used to make some of the best JRPGs out there. The Phantasy Star series and Shining Force series stood comfortably among the Final Fantasies, Fire Emblems, and Dragon Quests of their times. In short, yes, Sega games used to be good. But, secretly, in some hidden back-alley or underground corridor in , there are ragtag groups of Sega rebels. The ones who remember good Shinobi games. The sam...

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    Fantastic Strategy/RPG 0

    Valkyria Chronicles is one of those under advertised games that very few people will play, but will likely really enjoy. There just isn’t really anything out there like it, and its level of polish is truly top notch. Valkyria is a turn based strategy/RPG that allows you to take control of each unit and make your move with more personal attention to the result of the outcome. There is still that random hit or miss calculation going on in the background, but the specific movement decisions you m...

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    This game... 0

    If you have not played this game, and are a "new strategy" fan because of XCOM or Fire Emblem, you absolutely have to play this. I sort of don't really want to get into the details, as many above me have, and I sort of don't like to talk about the specifics of something I find so special, as I feel it sort of gets in the way of your possible enjoyment and surprise. Please, if you have a Playstation 3, or have someone who you might borrow one from, try your hardest to get a hold of this.It's the ...

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    I played all of Valkyria Chronicles 0

    I have always enjoyed tactical RPGs. Even if the player experience is basically the same menu-based combat featured in most traditional JRPGs, the thrill of positioning several characters to execute the perfect attack on a single enemy satisfies in a way games like X-COM never could for me. Games like Shining Force, Ogre Battle, and Final Fantasy Tactics empower the player to find creative solutions to a problem with the skill sets they have created, and to build their own narratives about gener...

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    Valkyria Chronicles Review 0

    It has become an increasing occurrence lately to see popular Japanese console games being ported to PC. In many cases, these ports are half-baked without features many PC gamers have come to expect, but in Valkyria Chronicles, Sega has done a masterful job of porting over one of the PS3’s cult classics. Valkyria Chronicles is a tactics strategy game that is not only a great example of PC ports done well (see the end of this review for a quick port summary), but an expertly crafted game in ...

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    Edy’s Rip-off 0

      It is difficult to score a piece of downloadable content like this.   One the one hand, Valkyria Chronicles is an awesome and completely fresh game that is worth owning, playing, and possibly even replaying.   Even without trophy support.   On the other hand, Enter the Edy Detachment is not a lot of content for way too much money.   But it is new content for the aforementioned good game.   The story of this map pack is fairly straightforward: Edy and several of supporting cast members ge...

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    Challenge is not an Understatement 0

    Valkyria Chronicles has received many downloadable add ons since it’s 2008 release and Challenge of the Edy Detachment is the best of them all. It features six new missions; one for each unit class. Each mission is a well designed challenge given to Lt. Welkin from the members of the Edy Detachment.    Once you play the missions you will see just how much thought was put into building these levels. Having unit specific missions allows for the designers to feature the advantages and disadvantage...

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    It must be a crime to make war this gorgeous. My DarkZero review 2

    After the strong RPG collection the Playstation 2 built up over its years, you would have thought that the Playstation 3 would be following in its predecessors footsteps. At this moment in time, this is not the case. The system has a lacklustre amount of RPGs in its catalogue of games. Thankfully Sega have decided to fill in this void with their take on the strategy RPG genre. Valkyria Chronicles is a game that changes the way we play a typical Japanese strategy role playing games, and it’s for ...

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    Valkyria Chronicles 0

    Short and simple Valkyria Chronicles is a well made and good looking stratagey RPGs. The game has a cell shaded canvis look to it, that makes it look as nice as it plays. The game has  unique gameplay mechanics were you move a chacter and then choose where they shoot or throw a granade. Valkyria Chronicles is a good game for fans of stratagey RPGs and overall a good game....

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    An excellent niche. 0

    I am not a big fan of strategy RPGs, mostly because I am not very good at them. There is an element of patience and willingness to grind for levels that I simply do not have. As soon as the story stops advancing, I get bored. This is true for almost any game, but doubly so for genres that aren’t all that exciting to begin with. Valkryia Chronicles, in spite of its gorgeous storybook style, falls into the same traps, though traps really isn’t the right term. It is not appreciably different from m...

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    The Barack Obama of gaming 0

    Valkyria Chronicles: The shiny, big-eyed fantasy and magic version of World War 1. Story: So two fictitious nations in a fake version of are waging war over a fake non-renewable energy source. Along the way, Welkin, a teenage aspiring teacher with no military experience, gets involved with Alicia, a teenage aspiring trooper with slight military experience, and the two of them survive an assault on their hometown by the enemy. They are recruited into the army and are IMMEDIATELY appointed comma...

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    The Empire Strikes Back 0

     Selvaria's Mission: Behind Her Blue Flame   This piece of DLC for Valkryria Chronicles see’s the return of everyone’s most impractically dressed general Selvaria Bles. The missions serve to show you more back-story from the Empire’s perspective before the events of the main game itself. For those that have completed the main campaign the surroundings in this new content will be instantly recognisable as you lay siege to the Gallian fortress Ghirlandaio before driving out the occupying fo...

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    My Reason to buy a PS3 0

    One of the better games I've played as of late. A take on WWII in another dimension. Learning to play the game was simple enough. With the use of symbols that distinguishes specific units, it proves easy to identify which units are what. Couple the gameplay with a unique graphics engine, the game is artistically brought to life.  Though the game is a turn-base tactical game, the flow of the gameplay proves to be much more faster than traditional turn-based games. As for the story, Valkyria Chron...

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    Charming and challenging ... the first sRPG to win me over. 0

    Going into Valkyria Chronicles, I expected this experience to be no different than all the other critically acclaimed sRPGs I've tried to enjoy and just wound up being bored out of my mind. These types of games tend to lay the drama and sentimentality on extra thick, like any proper JRPG, coupled with tedious combat systems and repetitive game mechanics. So it's with great relief I can finally point to a hyped sRPG and say, "YES. This lives up to the billing." The first thing that caught ...

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    Valkyria Chronicles Review 0

    Valkyria Chronicles is a game that is hard to put into just one genre. There are strategy elements to the game, there's RPG elements, there's turned based and real time elements, there's just so much complexity to this game. You will be fighting in the Militia for the Country of Gallia. You'll have to successfully win each battle, trying to win back your land, and try to put a stop to the invasion.Graphically this game is unique. It looks artistically hand drawn. The entire game appears as if it...

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    Turning the page on strategy gaming. 0

    I will admit that when first saw Valkyria Chronicles, I was not the least bit impressed. Despite all the positive attention the game was getting, I found myself unwilling to put the disc in my PlayStation 3. Even after venturing to my local game retailer and plunking down the 60+ dollars, weeks went by until I finally took the shrink-wrap off in a fit of boredom. Fortunately, my sheltered existence during winter break saw me through to starting the game; if not, this gem would have been forever ...

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