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    Valkyria Chronicles

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Apr 22, 2008

    A turn-based tactics game with real-time elements, that tells the story of Squad 7 as they rally together to fight for the freedom of their country, Gallia.

    ouren's Valkyria Chronicles (PlayStation 3) review

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    This game...

    If you have not played this game, and are a "new strategy" fan because of XCOM or Fire Emblem, you absolutely have to play this. I sort of don't really want to get into the details, as many above me have, and I sort of don't like to talk about the specifics of something I find so special, as I feel it sort of gets in the way of your possible enjoyment and surprise. Please, if you have a Playstation 3, or have someone who you might borrow one from, try your hardest to get a hold of this.

    It's the game that paved the way for XCOM and older style strategy games to make their comeback. Play this videogame.

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      It's easy to make a compelling argument that like fighting games up until the late 2000s, SRPGs have suffered from a case of increasing obscurity outside of Japan. A dwindling fanbase coupled with a slew of games made to cater only to that existing market makes it tough for someone new to the genre to break in and enjoy it today. Sega's PlayStation 3-exclusive Valkyria Chronicles, thankfully, avoids repeating those trends. A visually striking game with an engaging storyline and nuanced, yet intu...

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      Valkyria Chronicles is an interesting fusion of genres that a great time for RPG fans; when quality RPGs are few and far between on any of the current consoles. Chronicles tells a deep engaging story set amidst a WWII-type clash of superpowers as well as challenging you with a varied and deep combat system. Set in a fictional version of  Europe, cunningly named Europa, embroiled in the Second Europan War, Valkyria Chronicles follows the events of the Empire’s invasion of a small, neutral country...

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