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    Valkyria Revolution

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Jan 19, 2017

    A spinoff story within the Valkyria Chronicles franchise that follows a unit of Jutland soldiers as they attempt to gain freedom from the colonial rule of the Ruzhien Empire.

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    Valkyria Revolution is an action title with role-playing elements that serves as a spin-off to the Valkyria Chronicles franchise. The game was developed by Media.Vision and was published in Japan by Sega for the the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on January 19, 2017. Sega later localized Valkyria Revolution for North America on June 27, 2017 for the PS4 as well as a new port for the Xbox One and Deep Silver also published the game in European territories on June 30th.


    The tiny country of Jutland finds themselves in the crosshairs of the Ruzhien Empire, who have used massive stores of Ragnite to grow into a powerful military and economic superpower. Five friends within Jutland launch their conspiracy to spark a rebellion against Rus, dragging the elite anti-Valkyria unit "Vanargand," plus the Princess of Jutland and her retainer, with them on their quest for vengeance. The story takes place in a different universe while sharing similar themes and concepts to the previous games in the franchise.


    Unlike other titles in the franchise, Revolution's gameplay has more of an action focus and has switched out turn-based strategy for real-time battles using fewer units as they infiltrate and destroy enemy bases. Enemies and allies alike no longer stand still taking potshots at active units, but will act and react according to their AI.

    Players prepare for each mission at their base, which is no longer a series of menus but an actual place the main character can run around and interact with his allies.

    Every character is capable of carrying a melee or long-range weapon, and on top of that, have unique skills that can be called upon to help their allies or harm enemies.

    Player characters can permanently die if left untreated on the battlefield.


    The Five Traitors

    • Amleth Grønkjær - Main protagonist. Captain in Jutland's Army, CO of the Vanargand unit, and leader of the Traitors. Picky eater.
    • Basil Sabancci - Major industrialist who took over his faster father's company after his death and poured tons of money into R&D for ragnite-based weaponry, including most of the Jutland Army's equipment. Also donates large amounts to charities and orphanages to improve his image and that of Jutland.
    • Fritte Eriksen - Freelance writer who inspires the people of Jutland and later provokes them into war.
    • Solomon Kahlenberg - Tactful parliamentarian and diplomat who provides legal cover for the Traitors' actions while steering the country towards war.
    • Violette Szand - Skillful spy who has built up a vast network of contacts throughout Europa.


    • Ophelia - Princess of Jutland, has powerful "Galdr" songs that can negate the Valkyria's magic.
    • Godot - Ophelia's bodyguard and Jutish patriot who quickly discovers the Traitors' identities but questions their motives.
    • Blum - Skilled alchemist and son of a tailor who joined at Helena's behest.
    • Issak - Minor Jutish noble who spends more time hitting on ladies and preening than actually fighting. Hates Amleth for constantly one-upping him in the squad.
    • Daryl - Old man who constantly gets drunk. Friends with Jordur.
    • Jordur - Single father and self-proclaimed Team Dad. Friends with Daryl.
    • Brigitte - Former teacher who constantly fusses over the squad's form and appearance, especially that of Hans.
    • Helena - Energetic girl who constantly seeks to prove her strength to everyone.
    • Sara - Carefree girl and Ophelia's only real friend who is not intimidated by her status.
    • Tilda - Lazy girl who finds various ways to slack off, but is very knowledgable about weaponry.


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