Valkyria Revolution is out tomorrow for 40 bucks

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Just noticed this on the playstation store; apparently it's digital only. I recall hearing about it a few years ago but haven't heard anyone talk about it since.

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I had hoped the first game's big resurgence on steam might have stirred up enough interest for a proper sequel, but apparently all we get is a budget priced Dynasty Warriors clone. Is there another series that was botched up as badly as this one after such a great debut game?

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It's not digital only...

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I think no one's talking about it because it has very little of what made the first one cool. That and word of mouth from importers hasn't been good.

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I watched a trailer and saw what LOOKED like Valkyria Chronicles, but with a sword instead of a gun. and I was like "huh, I wonder how that works with the limited movement stuff? I'll give it a shot! that first game is great!"

But is it not just Valkyria Chronicles with swords? is it Dynasty Warriors?? Please tell me its not Dynasty Warriors!

EDIT: Watched the trailer again... I'm still unsure. But there were Far too few enemies on screen for it to be a Warriors game!

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rather have a tactical strategy game, like the first one.

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Maybe it's a strategic Dynasty Warriors game.

Also why does everyone have swords in a quasi World War setting? A Dynasty Warriors game with mostly guns would be hilarious.

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@reputatsioon: Looked at it yesterday and it said "unavailable" but guess that changed in the past 24 hours.

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Bit confused! This was originally due out in early July, I preordered it on a whim to get Prime discount and then just received notification that it's on its way and is out tomorrow. There are videos on youtube of people playing the japanese version if your unsure whether it's for you!

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There is Japanese Demo on PSN if you want to check it out. Its average action RPG that lacks all the best features from previous Valkyria games.

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Wonder how the Vita version is

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Yeah, I have to admit, while I am going in with an open mind (have it pre-loaded and ready to fire at 11:00 PM CDT), the mostly universal opinion of importers and long-time series regulars is that this game is lacking at best.

Yes, it's easy to dismiss their opinions as people that are just angry it's not a strategy game, but that's not always fair. I'm always open to a new take on a beloved frachise, as I never found VC's particular take on R/TBS all that compelling in the first place. What kept me coming back was the setting, story, charcters snd art style. If VR can deliver on some/all of these fronts, I could see being pleased. I have definitely been the holder of contrary opinion on a number of games this year already. I'm hoping this is one of them.

I mean really, I know there's people that will still throw shade at literally anything (it is the internet after all, heheh), but without at least the WILL to try some reinvention here and there, we may have never had some of my favorite gamesof recent years, a la new XCOM, Fallout 3 and on, neir:Automata, Metal Gear V, Resident Evil 4, and later VII, etc., etc.

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I played the first two main installments of the franchise, mainly since VC3 didn't get English translation.

I have liked the first one a lot but couldn't beat the second one because it has became too repetitive.

This spin-off is more than welcome as it could bring more depth to the franchise story.

I hope that in an attempt to silence the angry fans, Sega go out of their way and release VC3 in the west on current generation consoles.

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I'm intrigued, but the gameplay videos I saw made this look ROUGH. I'll probably wait for some more reviews and opinions first, since most of the "reviews" to now have been eager importers tripping over themselves to talk it up in a roundabout way.

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It'd have to have some damn good characters and storytelling in it to make up for the change in gameplay. The first game was one of the most predictable, generic games I'd ever played, and if this game provides narrative in a similar caliber to the first one while also reducing the gameplay to generic hack-n-slash, count me ouuuuuut.

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I didn't even know this was coming out. I bought the first one for really cheap on Steam, I only played a few hours but I liked what I played of it.

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The polygon review is pretty brutal:

"At times, playing Valkyria Revolution is like being dragged face-down through the shattered, jagged remnants of something that was once whole and good."

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Game seems totally fine, especially if you're interested in what happens between Faux Japanese Anime Russia and Unnamed Japanese Anime Baltic Country. The stupidity of the storyline is appealing in and of itself (Just like in VC1), and the gameplay is serviceable.

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Here's some of that silly storytelling, gleeful anime teenagers getting excited about going to war and murdering people. The historical war in question is the Crimean War, though it doesn't seem like the game will actually be going to Crimea, but it is nominally between Turkey/OE (apparently still Byzantium in Anime Europe) and Russia. Instead of the Caucuses having oil they have blue rocks instead; at one point a character exclaims "We'll be up to our balls in blue rocks!"

The word "ruks" is described as a racial epithet in the game, so why not gleefully say that as well in as cheery a voice as possible.

As far as the regular gameplay you just get more freedom of movement and so on; while it isn't as tactical and is still relatively easy (as VC1 was), if you adjust to the system it can still be fun flinging grenades and murdering hundreds or thousands of people with your Anime princess lady who's usually quite happy. The ridiculous dichotomy is just hilarious, always has been in this series.

The Crimea is a pretty fun war to read about incidentally.

Note: The characters aren't quite as stupid as their VC1 counterparts.

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And based on the gamespot review (I'm a fan of Heidi kemps's reviews) this is a pass. 6/10

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I'm assuming this fight is what's making reviewers bitch about the game; if you die you get set back 5 minutes or so and your whole party can get one shot. But the thing is if you play it tactically and smart its not really that bad at all; not like you have to grind or anything. But reviewer logic is somewhere along the lines of "my time is the most precious thing in the world, I'm a game critic" and they tend to suck at games so that couples with it and you have the Godhand situation though this game isn't amazing or anything. But it does take a bunch of elements from good games and combine them into a workable combat formula, it's probably closest to Grandia but there's some Valkyrie Profile 2 in there as well and Final Fantasy XII's gambit system; on top of that you've got the silly anime tropes as already mentioned which are always fun in situations where they're completely inappropriate. JRPGs are rare enough this one seems like its above average for a late PS3 era/PS4 era one; though it doesn't rate next to the golden age of course.

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From what I have played, it feels like a 7 so far. It isn't going to set the world on fire but I have played much worse JRPGs in the past.

I will say the main protagonist has been pretty dislikeable so far.

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Some more evidence that it just got penalized for being difficult, still seems like a perfectly competent game (unlike the dumpster fire that is Mass Effect Andromeda which has 10 more points on metacritic); albeit the second fight here is just a tad unfair if you haven't spent much time in side missions. I will say a JPRG with more than two difficult fights is super rare so good on them for avoiding that problem.

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#24 Posted by PanburgerPartner (68 posts) -

I've hardly found it to be the hot dumpster fire so many of the big sites are describing. I agree with a lot of the above. Is it Persona 4? Hell no. But is it, I dunno, Quest 64? Also no. It's a perfectly enjoyable and playable Action JRPG for people that like those, like me!

Are there long, dumb cutscenes full of anime bullshit? Bet your ass! If you came to this sort of game expecting anything else, you were fooling yourself. Also, as I said above, I think I'm aided in that I'm not overly precious about Chronicles. I thought it was a neat way to present turn-based strategy with a great art style, but not so amazing that Sega could/should never try something else in that universe.

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I have found zero fanfics (at least in English) and very little fanart for VR, for a game that's been out for about 2/3 of a year in Japan. I think that shows how long it will remain in our collective consciousness.

The game itself is pretty disappointing for a Valkyria title, and I honestly think that without the franchise name I wouldn't even touch it. There's no challenge in the gameplay except for the bosses, because the AI teammates don't seem to understand it when I yell "DON'T STAND IN THE GLOWING CIRCLES AND RECTANGLES YOU IDIOTS" at the TV. Even the tanks--which could fuck your shit up if you were careless in earlier Valkyria titles--pose almost no threat except for how long it takes them to die while you smack them with your sword. They really should've settled on either making a musou game or a SRPG game, because it seems they took the wrong parts of the latter and grafted them on a lesser version of the former.

At least the soundtrack is nice, and the story has some intrigue when they don't constantly repeat things that were shown just ten seconds before. Also they get points for the ability to have anyone on your squad just whip out a rocket launcher point-blank and demolish the enemy, but I wonder why I can't use it to just snipe the pilot out of the cockpit, and hijack his mech and ram it through enemy lines like you could in a few areas of Vanquish. If you're going to be more action-y with the gameplay, go all out!

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@dochaus: The lack of english fanfics is indeed troublesome, what a dire situation.

It should be noted VC1 is tremendously easier than Revolution; pretty much across the board. And I'd say aside from Character Action games pretty much every game ever made is "easy except for the bosses;" most notably JRPGs.

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#27 Posted by DocHaus (2768 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: heck, find me some non-English ones, I'm still having trouble seeing any excitement for this game.

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Now, it got a massive price cut:

It's less than 20 bucks for a physical copy at Amazon

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