Half Life 3 teased in the latest tf2 image? I WANT TO BELEIVE

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#1 Edited by goldenmnk (227 posts) -

Obviously an edited image ( hint : replace the green with his skin color ) 
 I dont know how to post images from image gur here so ... here you go 
Comment from on REDDIT  ( my source )  : 

           Thought id let you know.

           The comic was meant to be FREE And it was made by MANN CO


            Just wait till you notice DEMANDED and FREE are underlined.  
Edit: original image here 
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#2 Posted by vaiz (3064 posts) -

Oh fuck.

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#3 Posted by rjayb89 (7811 posts) -

Even if they did announce it through that image, we're not seeing it for another 10 years.

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#4 Posted by General_D23 (1210 posts) -

Hmm...Valve sure does like to play around like that. Maybe? I'd really, really like to believe it too, but I'm not getting my hopes up for anything anytime soon.
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#5 Edited by CornontheCobbe (2693 posts) -

This is great news.

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#6 Posted by goldenmnk (227 posts) -
@rjayb89 said:
" Even if they did announce it through that image, we're not seeing it for another 10 years. "
god dammit man.... i was happy in my denial hole here!!!!
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#7 Posted by Darkstar614 (1133 posts) -

holy crap

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#8 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -


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#9 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

What about Half Life 2: Episode 3? Eh, it'll suck, anyway. We all know Gordon's just going to become a whiny emo and give into the G-Man for Alyx :P. (OK, poor Star Wars joke, but still, I wanted to make it.)

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#10 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

Let it be so.

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#11 Posted by ObsideonDarman (827 posts) -

Do you really think they would announce something this big at GDC? surely they would announce it this Years E3.... ? RIGHT? GUYS?

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#12 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Hey... what if that dude in the image is the new Freeman?

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#13 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

Half Life 3 confirmed for all tier-1 platforms.
If you turn it upside down and look at it in a mirror the title reads 'FUCK PS3 IS SHIT'.

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#14 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -
@ObsideonDarman said:
" Do you really think they would announce something this big at GDC? surely they would announce it this Years E3.... ? RIGHT? GUYS? "
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#15 Posted by august (4038 posts) -

All of DEMANDED is underlined. It's a pretty huge stretch.

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#16 Posted by TorgoGrooves89 (336 posts) -

This is exactly the sort of thing Valve likes to do. . . so i'm choosing to believe this is a secret message about episode 3. Or Half-Life 3. Either one. Or maybe we're all just crazy.
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#17 Posted by swamplord666 (1816 posts) -

I'd love it if the artist saw the sspeculations and thought "ugghh... They're veins. that's it!"

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#18 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

Maybe this will come out before episode 3..............or maybe this is episode 3!!!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!

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#19 Posted by AjayRaz (12803 posts) -

<3 Valve 

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#20 Posted by Out_On_Bail (1581 posts) -

Wow cool. I guess we can hope for it!

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#21 Posted by Forcen (2290 posts) -

Man, i want any Half-Life related news at all.

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#22 Posted by turbomonkey138 (5280 posts) -

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#23 Posted by Snail (8885 posts) -

I'll believe that. I want to.

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#24 Posted by vaiz (3064 posts) -

I've been saying for months that Episode 3 has been in development for so long that they've probably just moved it over to being Half Life 3. I'm going to laugh even harder than I did about Portal 2 not being Episode 3 if I'm right. And I hope I'm right. Because it means we might actually see the damn game soon.

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#25 Posted by Gizmo (5467 posts) -

Best forum post of the week.

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#26 Posted by BeachThunder (14576 posts) -

...And now for the BBS messages and ASCII art...

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#27 Posted by Whisperkill (3045 posts) -

I fucking love you valve

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#28 Edited by I_smell (4219 posts) -

This isn't a refference to anything, you're all fucking desperate, crazy and stupid!!
Maybe the veins are supposed to look like a lambda, but that's it.

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#29 Posted by Demyx (3247 posts) -
@august said:
" All of DEMANDED is underlined. It's a pretty huge stretch. "
da man dead
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#30 Posted by alternate (2819 posts) -

There has to be a reason why EP3 has taken so long.  Maybe it did just get so big they said fuck it, lets keep going and call it HL3.  Didn't they do similar turning L4D DLC in to L4D2.

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#31 Posted by TheHT (14303 posts) -

oh lawd we's gonna be playing with mac foos.

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#32 Posted by natetodamax (19462 posts) -

I don't see it.

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#33 Edited by BeachThunder (14576 posts) -

Did anyone else notice that the guy on the front cover has facial hair. Do you know who else has facial hair!?

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#34 Posted by Belonpopo (2144 posts) -

Your looking at the Demanded and Free thing right, HOLY SHIT!

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#35 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -


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#36 Posted by Aetos (1700 posts) -

Holy crap. Thats sweet.

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#37 Posted by AndrewB (7814 posts) -

I'd say it's cool, but... it's always been very obvious Half Life 3 (or "the Half-Life game formerly known as Episode 3") was in the pipeline. You'll get your announcement this E3.

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#38 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4578 posts) -

Can someone explain the image to me? 

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#39 Posted by MadeinFinland (835 posts) -

I sure hope so! That's weird though. They just had something for Portal 2, didn't they?
Unless.... PORTAL and HALF LIFE were COMBINING!!! 
But we all know that would never happen.
That would be weird.. portal + grav gun

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#40 Posted by Ubiquitous (576 posts) -

I hope, I hope, I hope...
But I feel like this is the truth: 
 @swamplord666 said:
"I'd love it if the artist saw the sspeculations and thought "ugghh... They're veins. that's it!" "
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#41 Posted by MonkeyGekko (279 posts) -

Oh Valve, please make my dreams come true!

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#42 Posted by stephengotlost (714 posts) -


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#43 Posted by pirate_republic (1151 posts) -

The demanded and free thing might be a coincidence, but the vein thing looks like it could actually be legit.
My fingers are crossed.

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#44 Posted by ToxicFruit (1913 posts) -

yeah and somebody saw Gordon freeman shaped portal in the Portal 2 pics.... Don't get to exited guys. 

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#45 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2928 posts) -

Since no one has posted the image yet... Notice the vein on his left arm and left fist making an apparent 3.


No Caption Provided

I just wanna see some word-packed pages of dense prose!
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#46 Posted by artofwar420 (6905 posts) -


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#47 Posted by august (4038 posts) -

goddamnit now I can't unsee it.

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#48 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -

No Caption Provided
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#49 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

this is really lame to get all worked up for. 

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#50 Posted by Daryl (1776 posts) -

Of course they're working on something HL related. 

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