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    Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 07, 2000

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption follows the story of Christof Romuald as he searches for redemption as a former crusader turned eternally damned vampire.

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    Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption is an Action-RPG developed by Nihilistic Software. Set in White Wolf Game Studio's 'World of Darkness' universe, Vampire plays similarly to Diablo with the exception of additional party members and 3D graphics. The game was built on a heavily modified Quake II Engine, entitled 'The Nod Engine.'


    Set in the year 1141 A.D., Christof Romuald, a crusader, is mortally wounded during a battle against heathens in Moravia. Whilst his regiment march forth, Christof is left in the care of Prague's convent, one of the nuns, Anezka, taking particular interest in the crusader. After Christof has partly recovered he is tasked with ridding the Bonn Silver Mines of the demon infestation that lurks within it. After slaying their leader Christof discovers an amulet of St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. Thinking this to be an omen he returns to the city of Prague and presents it to the nun Anezka, whom he has fallen for. Anezka confesses that she too desires Christof which causes him to realise that he has let lust better him and thus flees the convent. 
    Christof's actions in the Bonn Silver Mines were not only noticed by the townspeople of Prague but by its kindred as well. The Tzimisce, one of the thirteen vampire clans, have placed a large bounty on Christof's head for slaying Ahzra the Unliving, whilst the other clans plan to embrace him into their own clan. Christof is unwillingly embraced by Ecaterina The Wise, of the Brujah clan, and thus becomes a fledgling vampire.
    Shortly after Christof's embrace however, Anezka is captured by a rival clan and transformed into a ghoul. Christof sees this as his chance to redeem his soul and makes it his purpose to track down, and then destroy the creatures that have captured Anezka, thereby restoring Anezka into her former human self. This quest takes Christof across the world throughout a near-millenia.


    Christof Romuald - The main character of the game, Christof is a newly embraced fledgling on a quest for redemption as well as the safekeep of Anezka, his love.

    Wilhelm Streicher - Ecaterina the Wise's servant, and fellow Brujah.

    Serena - Daughter of Garanol, of clan Cappadocian, Serena is ordered to assist Christof in his quest against the Tzimisce after revealing corruption within the Cappadocian clan.

    Erik -  Member of the Gangrel clan, Christof saves Erik from being transformed by the Tremere, into a gargoyle.

    Pink - Member of the Brujah clan, Pink is the first friendly vampire Christof comes across in London.

    Lily - Member of the Toreador clan, she is rescued by Christof and Pink from the Setite clan.

    Samuel - A Camarilla Nosferatu that is immediately disliked by Pink.


    The game's visuals were considered to be some of the best in the business at the time of release, with advanced features like dynamic shadows that were based on the game's light sources. Reviews for the game ranged from average to amazing and it was even awarded Best RPG by the 1999 E3 Game Critics Awards, but many reviewers were quick too point out the multiple bugs and problems present within the game. 

    System Requirements

    • Windows 95, 233MHz processor
    • 64MB of RAM
    • 8MB of Video Card RAM
    • 4x CD-ROM Drive
    • DirectX 7.0
    • 800MB of HDD space.

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