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    Vana 'diel Is a Final Fantasy universe similar to Final Fantasy VII's Gaia and Final Fantasy X's Spira. It is the world in which the story of Final Fantasy XI takes place in. The world is quite expansive and is possibly the largest and most fleshed out universe to be featured in a Final Fantasy game next to Ivalice. The world in itself is a unique take on Final Fantasy, containing all the elements which makes a Final Fantasy universe while adding its own flair. The world consists several continents and a total off five intelligent races, the Hume, the Mithra, the Elvaan, the Tarutaru, and the Galka. It's a world plagued with Beastmen and has been slowly repairing itself after the Great War. The world is pure fantasy but you wouldn't exactly call it medieval. Steam-powered boats plow against the seas, and airships ply the skies.  Peace has been founded after the Great War, however the political tensions are tight. It's one of the most pure interpretations of a Final Fantasy universe to exist.

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