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    Varrock is a thriving city in Runescape that is the center of trade for the virtual world.

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    Varrock is one of the grandest cities is all of the Runescape world, the city is accessiable to free to play and pay to play members of the game. It isnt that big compared to other citys but it still has alot crammed into it and it has every a new players needs to start there life off and become rich. Varrock offers quest start points and a variety of attractions This is one of the best ponits to start off at as there are many great  places to make moeny if you have just started playing runescape

    The Palace

    There are several things to do inside and outside the palace,


    There is a farming patch which pay to play members can use to grow trees and crops. To add to this there is a collection of Yew trees which players with 60 wood cutting or above can chop down. At the back of the palace there is a agility shortcut which leads you directly into the wilderness, a area in the game where players can kill other players. There is also a bear cage, which range and magic using members can use to train on.


    Down stairs in the place there is a monk which low level magic users can train on as well as the Kings chambers, Sir Prysin is located in the libary 

    Cooks Guild

    The cooks guild is another major attraction in Varrock, to enter the cooks guild you need level 35 cooking, as well as this you must be wearing a chefs hat, in the guild you will find all of the impliments needed to cook anytype of food

    Gertudes House

    At Gertudes there are several quests to be taken on such as Gertrude's Cat and A Tail of Two Cats, after these cats are completed you are able to buy ktttens which will follow you around and will even grow to fully grown cats, remember to feed your kittens ! Inside Gertudes house there is a range for cooking as well as some herbs that can be added to salmon to feed to your cat

    Juliets Mansion

    Ground Floor

    As you walk into the house you will see Draul Leptoc. He is Juliet's father, In the western rooms you can find a dining room kitchen and a bedroom

    Top Floor

    As you go up the stairs you enter a large room with a unplayable piano, Juliet is on the balcony, talking to Juliet will activate the Romeo and Juliet quest

    West Bank

    The west bank is the biggest bank in varrock, it has a total of 20 bank booths to drop off money and items, on the bottom floor of the bank is a vault which contains gold bars rubies and gold coins. These items can be gotten to by using telekinesis a skill which mid level magic users have access to. 

    Grand Plaza

    The grand plaza is where you arrive if you teleport to varrock, it is central to the city with many roads branching off. At the center of the Plaza there is a fountain where you can fill jugs bottles and vials for potion and food making. 

    Gypsys Tent

    The Gypsys tent is opposite the staff shop, in the tent you can start the quest Recipe For Disaster as well as Demon Slayer.

    Smithing Tutor

    Just south of the West bank there is a small building which contains 3 anvils which can be used to smith Swords, Daggers, Axes, Maces and armor. The smithing tutor himself will offer you advise on how to raise your smithing level, the tutor does not give you any free supplies

    The Apothecary

    When a player brings the Apothecary  a limpworm root and spider eggs the Apothecary will make a 4 dose strenght potion for 5 gold pieces. The Apothecary also plays a part in the Romeo and Juliet quest, One Small Favour and A Tail Of Two Cats

    The Blue Moon Pub

    The pub is one of three situated across Varrock, aswell as beer, the pub is a great place to train for low level range and magic skills. Johnny The Beard is situated upstairs who you need to kill to complete the Sheild of Arraw quest

    Zammarock Temple

    This temple can be used to recharge prayer points. Further more the temple contains a Zammarock Mage, this mage will teach you how to use the wilderness abyss. The temple itself plays a role in the quest Merlin's Crystal

    Rat Pits

    The rat pits are located in a small area, just east of the Magic Shop. This minigame requires completion of the mini game Rat Catcher, you will also need money to place bets,as well as the Amulet of Catspeak. The Minigame is designed to place bets on cats, to see which cat can catch the required number of rats first.

    Flying Donkey Inn

    This pub is the smallest pub in Varrock, Hops can be bought here to brew beer, if you have completed the Biohazard Quest

    The Pillory

    When members who are unsuccessful at theiving from a stall or guard, the are transffered here for a set amount of time, the players cannot move and are trapped in the cages. Other players outside of the cages can buy rotten tomatoes to throw at the thievs.

    East Bank

    The East Bank is a smaller version of the West Bank, it is helpfull at banking rune essence which is mined just south of the bank  at the Magic store if you have completed the Rune Mysterious quest. You can talk to a banker to trade or access your bank account.

    Training House

    Just north of the East bank is a house with several dummies situated around the room, these dummies can be attacked to gain you small ammounts of experience, for players with a attack level over 12 they will not gain any experience.

    Varrock Sewers

    Down in the grimey sewers are several creatures to kill for low and high levels, as well as this there are red spider eggs which are used to create strenght potions

    Jolly Boar Inn

    Yes another pub, beer is popular is it not. Not much in the Jolly Boar, It contains a black knight and many thievs.

    The Tea Shop

    Just South of the Palace, there is a tea shop where you can buy refreshing cups of tea for 5 gold peaces, the cups of tea do not heal any health but will restore prayer points aswell as increase you defence level

    Points of Intrest in Varrock
    • Two banks on either side of the city
    • Several yew trees located behind the Varrock Castle
    • The cooking guild, located just outside of Varrock's west gate
    • Teleportation to the rune essence via the local rune shop
    • The Grand Exchange located to the north of Varrock west bank
    • The Champion's Guild located just outside of the south entrance
    • The clothes store just south of Varrock Square allows players to change their avatar's base appearance

    Extra Info

    • There is a sword shop selling every dagger and long sword up to Adamantite
    • Thessalia's Fine Clothing shop witch sells a many diffrent clothes and some of them ou may need for quests
    • Zaff's Superior Staff shop is were you can buy any type of no members staffs and they are quite cheap as well. You can also just buy a plain wooden stick for a staff if you have just started out playing the game
    • Horvik's Armour Shop is were you can buy chain mail up to Mithiral and for more experienced players Mithiral plate bodys
    •  Aubury's Rune shop is were you can buy most of you runes from but rember they are just the basic runes. Also from this shop you can teleport to a rune essence mine were you cna mine then and the store them in your bank and in large amounts they sell for alot as you dont really have to do any work to get them
    • Phoenix Gang's headquarters you can go here for you own hide out or you can be doing the quest here
    • There is also Varrock Musuem were you can find out all you need to know about Varrock and there is also some new stuff upstairs
    • There is also a entrance to the Edgeville Dungens were you cant find many creatures to fight such as moss giants!
    • The Grand Exchange, this is a fairly new attraction to runescape and it is making more and more people come to varrock as its a great place to buy and sell items for there real price, or you can try and get a better deal around the exchange as there is lots of people around there and if they cant get what they want from the exchange they turn to player so they are willing to pay an extra bit more. As i said you can buy and seel items at the grand exchange but you cant get the item straigh away if its a expensive item you have to wait until it comes into stock and then onces you have it you have to go the exchange to collect it.
    • There is also a guild in Varrock called the champions guild witch can only be acsesed to thoughs who have more than 32 quest ponits and there are many shops inside and upstairs the guild and the items are discounted as you are a "champion".


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