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    Vault Boy

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    The mascot of the Fallout franchise, he has appeared in the franchise as part of game art to illustrate perks and descriptions of other objects in the games and has appeared as the mascot for Vault-tec educational corporate videos. He is a recruitable team member in the game Fallout Tactics.

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    Appearances and Role

    Vault Boy is an American Vault dweller with gold wavy hair and is used as a mascot for the most part of the Fallout Franchise. He accompanies perks and traits description with over exaggerated or comical poses to illustrate them. In Fallout Tactics, he was a NPC that could be recruited into your party through a random encounter in the wasteland. All his skills were average to reflect his adaptability and versatility . He also serves as a Mascot for Vault-Tec and is found in many fake in-game advertisements for various vaults and Vault-Tec related things.The special edition of Fallout 3, included a plastic Vault-boy  bobblehead.  Also, many varying Vault-Boy bobbleheads can be found in Fallout 3 to upgrade the player characters' various skills and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. traits. The bobbleheads can also be placed on a large stand in any of your Fallout 3 homes.

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