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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 22, 1993

    On the day of his wedding, the prince's bride is kidnapped by a battalion of flying robots. The prince sets off on a journey to reclaim his lost love and discover the meaning of the attack in this traditional turn-based RPG known for its stiff difficulty.

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    Vay (JP: Vay: Ryuusei no Yoroi, or "Armor of the Meteor") is a turn-based RPG developed by the small studio Hertz that was originally released on the Sega CD by SIMS (in Japan) and Working Designs (in North America). It follows Prince Sandor, who fights against the evil Darek empire to rescue his kidnapped bride Elin and prevent the empire from taking over the world with technology they reverse-engineered from a doomsday weapon (actually an alien mecha that crash-landed on the planet and went berserk after its pilot died).

    Vay is a traditional turn-based RPG where the player's party can purchase or find better equipment, talk to NPCs in towns for hints, fight monsters to increase in experience levels to acquire new skills and magic (depending on the character), and locate treasures in the various dungeons and towns of the world which are sometimes behind secret walls.


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