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Veeshan was the first god to discover the world of Norrath.  She is said to travel around the universe, marking planets she deems as promising and depositing her children, the immortal dragons.  For Norrath, her mark left three massive canyons on the continent of Velious.  It was there that the dragons were born.  Yelinak, Hsagra, Harla Dar, Jen Sapara, Klandicar, Zlandicar, and Sontalak, known as the First Brood, were the first living creatures of the world.  All of dragonkind can follow their family tree back to the First Brood.  Her marking of Norrath and the subsequent domination of her dragons conquering the world are what led Brell Serilis, Tunare, and Prexus to first take notice of this world.  The other gods soon followed, attempting to deposit their own creations to balance the power and quell Veeshan's greed and arrogance.


She does not have many humanoid followers, but there are Half Elves who live through life with such a sense of rejection that they choose to worship dragonkin.  


  The Void
The Void
In most lore, Veeshan is depicted as a crystalline dragon.  Her scales appearing as though they are made of glass and gleaming with the power of magic.  It is said that Veeshan, in her true form, is massive beyond comprehension.  This would make sense given the size of the scars she left in Velious with a single swipe of her claw.

Among the Pantheon

There are many stories about where Veeshan actually resides, but she does govern the activities of the Plane of Sky.  Her children, the dragons of Norrath, have been involved in virtually every chapter of Norrath's history as they manipulate, control, and battle with the mortal creations of the other gods.  Veeshan is one of several deities who have yet to return to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.

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