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Character Biography

 Vegas has an extremely appropriate name, since he possesses a near savant-like ability for the memorization of numbers and patterns as well as counting in general. He used this skill extensively in numerous gambling houses where he would win huge at blackjack and poker tables. This behavior didn't come without a price though, and he quickly racked up massive debts and pissed off some very important people. Vegas sought a way out of the mess he was in, and joined up with the Interstellar Armed Forces so he could legitimately earn back the money he owed. The IAF also provided a safe get-away from the people who would love to see Vegas six feet under.
In-game, Vegas is an excellent support tech and is able to help out his squad in various fashions. Like his tech counterpart, Crash, he also contributes a substantial boost to the motion tracker's range and speed through his scanning ability. While he may not be as good as Crash in ranged combat, he packs a punch when it comes to melee combat. Vegas can easily hold off the swarm when they close in on the squad, especially with his boost to health to keep him alive and kicking. His most useful trait though, is his expertise in engineering, which gives him an ample speed boost when constructing sentries or welding doors. Vegas is best suited for players who want to be able to support their squad by setting up a formidable defensive position around key objectives or areas.

In-game Stats

Scanner 3/3 
Engineering 3/3 
Health Bonus 3/5 
Reload Speed Bonus 2/5 
Melee Damage Bonus 4/5

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