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    Ven is a character who is part of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

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    Ventus depicted as stained glass
    Ventus depicted as stained glass

    Ventus is one of the three main protagonists of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. He is best friends with Terra and Aqua, the two other main protagonists. He is also very heavily connected to Sora, the protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole. He is voiced by Jesse McCartney

    Before the Keyblade War

    Ventus with his Dandelion Companions
    Ventus with his Dandelion Companions

    Leading up to the Keyblade War, Ventus was a Keyblade Wielder and a member of the Dandelions. As a member of the Dandelions, he was expected to leave Daybreak Town to ensure Light would survive the upcoming war. As the Keyblade War approached, he along with Ephemer, Skuld, Blaine, and Lauriam were chosen by the foretellers to take their place as leaders once the Dandelions left. After leaving, the Dandelions ended up in an approximation of the world before the war inside the Realm of Sleep. There, all but the five new leaders had their memories erased and thought the war had yet to come, nothing changing except their leadership.

    Training as a Keyblade Wielder

    Ventus, Terra, Aqua, Mickey, Xehanort, and Vanitas
    Ventus, Terra, Aqua, Mickey, Xehanort, and Vanitas

    At some point in the far future, for unknown reasons, Ventus became the apprentice of Master Xehanort. Master Xehanort used Ventus as an experiment, dividing his heart between pure light and pure Darkness. The heart of pure darkness formed into a being known as Vanitas, while the process almost destroyed his light half. Luckily, at the exact moment Ventus’s heart of pure light was searching for a way to protect itself, a soon to be born Sora’s heart was on the way to it’s body. Sora’s heart was able to help Ventus’ heart heal itself, so it was able to return to his body. As Ventus was now an amnesiac and largely unresponsive to anything around him, Master Xehanort deemed his experiment a failure. He gave Ventus to Master Eraqus to take care of him.

    While in Eraqus’ care, Ventus became acquainted with Terra and Aqua, his other apprentices. Their continued companionship broke his trance like state and the three became fast friends. They trained together and eventually Ventus was present for Terra and Aqua’s Mark of Mastery Exam. Xehanort was also present, and he secretly brought Vanitas with him, who taunted Ventus when they were alone. While Ventus did not remember Vanitas, his words spurred Ventus to follow Terra when he unexpectedly left The Land of Departure soon after the Mark of Mastery Exam. Aqua then followed them both as well.

    Exploring Other Worlds

    While searching for Terra, Ventus explored and made friends in many DIsney Worlds. He met up with Aqua and Terra, but was not able to stay with them due to Terra wanting to complete his quest alone and Aqua asking Ventus to return home. Eventually, he saw Vanitas heading for The Keyblade Graveyard and followed. Vanitas again taunted Ventus, and the fought. Vanitas almost defeated him, but Mickey Mouse unexpectedly intervened. Together, they were able to weaken Vanitas enough that he had no choice but to escape. Unfortunately, before Ventus and Mickey can speak much more than introductions, Mickey is teleported away by the Star Shard in his possession.

    Ventus then travels to Radiant Garden, where he, Terra, and Aqua are reunited; although they are soon again separated. While in Radiant Garden Ventus also meets Lea and Siax, the former of which is interested in and holds his wooden practice keyblade. Lea asks to spar, and once they’ve tired themselves out they go their separate ways.

    Ventus travels to several other Disney worlds before ending up in Neverland. There he finds Mickey’s Star Shard which transports him to the Mysterious Tower. There he meets Donald Duck and Goofy as well as Master Yen Sid, an associate of Master Eraqus’. Master Yen Sid informs Ventus that Mickey is in danger and uses the Star Shard to show the group a vision of his location. Ventus recognizes it as the Keyblade Graveyard and swears to bring him back safe.

    The Keyblade Graveyard

    In the Keyblade Graveyard Ventus finds an unconscious Mickey Mouse as well as Master Xehanort. Master Xehanort reveals to him what he did to his heart, and that he no longer considers his experiment a failure now that Ventus has regained his sense of self. He also tells Ventus that his objective was to have an equal force of Pure Light and Pure Darkness clash, which he believed would create the χ-blade, which Xehanort could use to bring about Kingdom Hearts. He finally goads Ventus by telling him Eraqus also knew of this.

    Ventus then heads back to The Land of Departure to confront Eraqus. Eraqus was not aware of Xehanort’s plan, but once he knew he tried to kill Ventus to stop Xehanort’s plan. Terra intervenes just as the two are about to fight, and pushes Ventus through a Corridor of Light to get him to safety.

    The Corridor of Light lead to Destiny Islands, where Vanitas is waiting for him. He taunts Ventus one final time, threatening Terra and Aqua to force him to come to a final confrontation at the Keyblade Graveyard.

    Final Battle

    Ventus, Terra, and Aqua all arrived at The Keyblade Graveyard at the same time, where Terra tells the others he was forced to kill Master Eraqus. Master Xehanort and Vanitas appeared quickly after, and the two groups clashed. Braig then showed up to keep Aqua out of the other fights. The fights then broke into three groups; Terra fighting Master Xehanort, Ventus fighting Vanitas, and Aqua fighting Braig. Before anyone else was able to finish their fights and help, Ventus and Vanitas fighting merged them together and created the χ-blade.

    The two then had an internal battle within themselves, which Ventus won. This destroyed the χ-blade, but also left Ventus’ newly remerged heart beyond repair. It sought out Sora’s heart, which had helped it before, but was now too damaged to be fixed quickly. It therefore took refuge inside of Sora’s heart to heal itself, leaving Ventus’ body comatose.

    Ventus awaiting rescue in Castle Oblivion
    Ventus awaiting rescue in Castle Oblivion

    Aqua, having defeated Braig and seeing no sign of Terra or Xehanort, took Ventus back to The Land of Departure. There, using a secret method Master Eraqus taught her, she transforms The Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion. She leaves Ventus there, where he will be safe as she searches for Terra.

    Sora and Roxas

    For many years Ventus’ heart slept inside Sora, eventually giving him the ability to wield two keyblades. When Sora’s heart was turned into a Heartless, his body’s Nobody took the appearance of Ventus due to their connection. Once Sora discovers the plight of Ventus, Aqua, and Terra he vows to rescue them from their fates.


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