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    The Verdugo (which is spanish for Executioner) is a sub-boss in the game, Resident Evil 4. They also serve as Ramon Salazar's body guards. He is one of the few bosses in the game that Leon doesn't have to defeat.

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    The Verdugo are a pair of bio-organic weapons only found in Resident Evil 4. They serve as the protectors of Ramon Salazar, and are referred to as Salazar's left and right hands, respectively.

    The Right Hand

    The Right Hand of Salazar is sent to kill Leon after Salazar realizes that Leon has not died despite falling into a trap-door. While Leon travels through the sewers, he is stalked by the Verdugo from the ceiling. Leon eventually comes face to face with the B.O.W. when both of them become trapped inside of a time-released door (3 minutes). It is possible to kill the Verdugo, but it is also possible to escape the area via an elevator without inflicting any damage on the enemy. If Leon does defeat the Verdugo, he will be rewarded with the Crown Jewel, which can be combined to create one of the most expensive treasures in the game.

    The Left Hand

    The Left Hand of Salazar stays with his master while the other Verdugo attempts to kill Leon. He is eventually merged with Salazar to create a gigantic B.O.W. Together, both Salazar and the remaining Verdugo create the final boss of the second section of the game.


    • After exiting the sewer system, Leon can return via the same elevator and the Verdugo will reappear.
    • Despite being specifically referred to as the right and left hands, they are usually seen on the opposite sides of Salazar.
    • The Right Hand wears a bright red robe, while the Left Hand wears a black robe.

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