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Vernon Roche made a name for himself as a member of the Temerian Special Forces, known as the Blue Stripes, which rose to prominence under his command. He specialized in quelling non-human insurrections and is infamous among the guerrilla group the Scoia'tael for being an enemy of elves and dwarves. It is not known whether he actually hates non-humans or is just very good at his job. He is extremely loyal to King Foltest, and sympathetic to the witcher Geralt's plight in the beginning of the Witcher 2. He saved Ves from a band of Scoia'tael warriors, and taught her everything he knew. He is currently guarding Foltest's illegitimate daughter, Anais a claimant to the throne of Temeria. He wields swords, maces, and knifes expertly and is a deadly fighter.

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