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Veronica claims to be searching for supplies to take back to the Brotherhood, but seems more interesting in joining the Courier on his or her journey. Veronica is fascinated by the world outside her small community and is looking to broaden her horizons with new ideas and outlooks to take back with her. She fears that the exclusionary perspective of the Brotherhood is going to lead to its eventual undoing and hopes to motivate a change.

If the Courier speaks to Veronica and earns her trust, she may reveal more about her past, including a lost love who she feels was driven off by the restrictive nature of the Brotherhood. Veronica is a lesbian and the Brotherhood oppose the idea of same sex love since they don't allow in outsiders and therefore must reproduce in order to carry on.


Veronica is a scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel. Like mosts scribes, who don't tend to use power armor and don't necessarily have access to energy weapons, she is trained in melee combat and is most effective in close quarters. That being said, she does have Power Armor training.

When the Courier meets Veronica, she is armed with a Power Fist and a 10mm Pistol.

Other Information

The character is voiced by Felicia Day.

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