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"Verruckt" appeared in Map Pack 2 for the Nazi Zombies game mode in Call Of Duty: World At War. It is based loosely off of the "Asylum" multiplayer map.

 They're back!
 They're back!
Verruckt, German for "Crazy" or "Insane is much larger than the original Nacht der Untoten map, which took place inside an airfield-type bunker (this building can be entered in the multiplayer map "Airfield"). The map has two different levels, much like the original map, and each floor offers different strategies to push the zombie horde back. Players start out on the first floor, and depending on the amount of people participating, they'll spawn in rooms separated by a door that can only be opened by turning on the electricity. However, in order to turn on the electricity, one or more players must reach the electricity room that is on the second floor.

Available Weapons:

All weapons labeled "Mystery Box" will cost 950 points each. 
Each weapon will also potentially cost the player 950 points to appear in the box
[This does not include Bouncing Betties or the hand grenades]

Stielhandgranate - 250 Points
Double-Barreled Shotgun - 1200 Points
Sawed-Off Shotgun - Mystery Box
M1897 Trench Gun - 1500 Points
PTRS-41 - Mystery Box
M2 Flamethrower - Mystery Box
MP40 - 1000 Points
Kar98k - 200 Points
Springfield - 200 Points
STG-44 - 1200 Points
Deployable MG42 - Mystery Box
Colt M1911 - Starting Weapon
Deployable FG42 - Mystery Box
.357 Magnum - Mystery Box
M1 Carbine - Mystery Box
M1 Garand - 600 Points
Thompson - 1200 Points
Panzerschreck - Mystery Box
Deployable Browning M1919 - Mystery Box
Deployable BAR - 2500 Points
Bouncing Betty - 1000 Points (one time only)
Gewehr 43 - 600 Points
Ray Gun - Mystery Box

Available Perks:

Double Tap Root Beer - 2000 Points
Revive Soda (Quick Revive) - 1500 Points
Speed Cola (Sleight Of Hand) - 3000 Points
Juggernog - 2500 Points

New Zombie Behaviors:

 Death by flamethrower
 Death by flamethrower
- Crawling zombies are sometimes faster than normal zombies
- The zombies can now reach through windows and claw at you
- The zombies can now jump through windows regardless of whether they've been completely destroyed or not (might need confirmation)
- You'll now hear zombies screaming and yelling at you, the latter of which is especially true whenever you pick up a power-up dropped by one of them

Verruckt Layout:

The following is a layout of Verruckt:

American Spawn Room
Perks: Quick Revive
Openings: 3 Windows, 1 Door
Available Weapons: Springfield, M1 Garand
Available Unlocks: Right Hallway (750 Points), Right Back Room (750 Points)

German Spawn Room
Perks: Jugger-Nog
Openings: 4 Windows, 1 Debris Staircase, 1 Door (can only be opened by turning on power)
Available Weapons: Kar98k, Stielhandgranate, Gewehr 43
Available Unlocks: Left Balcony (1000 Points)
Misc: Mystery Box Spawn Point

Left Balcony
Perks: Double-Tap Root Beer
Openings: 1 Window, 1 Wall, 1 Debris Staircase, 1 Door
Available Weapons: Double-Barreled Shotgun, Bouncing Betty, MP40, Stielhandgranate
Available Unlocks: Left Upstairs (750 Points)

Left Upstairs
Perks: None
Openings: 2 Windows, 2 Doors
Available Weapons: M1897 Trench Gun, STG-44
Available Unlocks: Electricity Room
Misc: Mystery Box Spawn Point

Right Back Room
Perks: None
Openings: 1 Door
Available Weapons: BAR, M1897 Trench Gun, Bouncing Betty

Right Hallway
Perks: None
Openings: 3 Windows, 1 Wall, 1 Door, 1 Debris Staircase
Available Weapons: Thompson, Stielhandgranate, Double-Barreled Shotgun
Available Unlocks: Right Balcony (1000 Points)
Misc: Mystery Box Spawn Point

Right Balcony
Perks: None
Openings: 2 Windows, 1 Wall, 1 Staircase
Available Weapons: BAR, Bouncing Betty, M1897 Trench Gun
Available Unlocks: Right Upstairs (750 Points)

Right Upstairs
Perks: Sleight Of Hand
Openings: 2 Windows, 2 Doors
Available Weapons: Sawed-Off Shotgun
Available Unlocks: Electricity Room

Electricity Room
Perks: None
Openings: 1 Window, 2 Doors
Unlocks: Turns on Perks and electronic doors
Misc: Mystery Box Spawn Points

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