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The Vertibird is a heavily-armored aircraft with many capabilities for offense and defense . It carries Gatling lasers and a series of missiles pods. It is also a transport aircraft that carries troops anywhere in the Wasteland. It is powered by a nuclear fusion reactor that, in some cases, may explode under heavy fire.

Before the Great War in 2077, the Vertibird was still a prototype and was scheduled to be released in 2085. Though before the bombs fell, the army had already produced some Vertibirds that the Enclave later found and seized. The Enclave also found the schematics for the Vertibird, which they use to produce more copies and an improved version.

The versions of the Vertibird are:

  1. A transport that is designed with a glass canopy, a large cargo bay that can carry a cage (with death-claws), more blades on its rotor for extra lift, and six legs for smoother landing.
  2. A gunship with an even more heavily-armorored hull, four retractable landing struts, and far greater maneuverability.

In Fallout 3, Vertibirds appear everywhere, dropping Enclave soldiers to kill you. Also, in the Broken Steel DLC, the Brotherhood of Steel appears with a couple of Vertibirds to aid you.

In Fallout: New Vegas, you can see a Vertibird that carries the NCR President during a mission.


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