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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

In Bad Company 2, players who have previously played Battlefield games are rewarded with an exclusive weapon; the M1 Garand, a World War II era rifle.

Battlefield 3

In Battlefield 3, players of previous games in the Battlefield franchise are rewarded with a special weapon; the M1911, a .45 caliber pistol. This weapon can also be obtained by members of the EA Gun Club.


EverQuest rewards players on the anniversary of the date when they started their account to begin playing the game. Players can open a menu at any time by typing "/veteranreward" and view what rewards are available to them.

1Lesson of the DevotedDouble EXP bonus for 30 minutes.20 hours
2Infusion of the FaithfulMax stats and run speed for 15 minutes.20 hours
3Chaotic JesterSummons a puppet of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane that casts random buffs (and some debuffs).20 hours
4Expedient RecoverySummons any and all corpses of the player and returns 100% of all experience lost from the deaths.1 week
5Steadfast ServantCalls forth a personal healer that will also heal other nearby players for 30 minutes or until the player crosses a zone line.20 hours
6Staunch RecoveryInstantly restores all health, mana, and endurance.3 days
7Intensity of the ResoluteIncreases the power of melee, spell attacks, and healing spells for one minute.4 hours
8Throne of HeroesInstant teleport to the Guild Lobby.72 hours
9Armor of ExperienceProtects the player from all attacks for 90 seconds or 10 hits.20 hours
10Resupply AgentA clockwork merchant is summoned. For 10 minutes, the player can buy supplies or sell off loot.20 hours
11Clockwork BankerA clockwork banker is summoned. The player can deposit or retrieve items without having to go to town.20 hours

Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 rewards players who obtained level 100 in Gears of War 2. These rewards include:

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

For those who have also played NBA Jam, upon starting up NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, those players are given 15,000 credits and start at level 10.

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