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Vib-Ribbon is a music game for the Playstation released in 1998. The game was designed by Masaya Matsuura the creator of PaRappa the Rapper. The game was only released in Europe and Japan making it highly sought after for collectors.


This is a handy image to keep around when playing!
This is a handy image to keep around when playing!

In the game the player controls Vibri a rabbit skipping across a 2D wire for the duration of a song whilst avoiding various obstacles represented as shapes across the wire. To get through the obstacles the player must press a button in time with the music to get Vibri through the obstacle. Failing to make it through an obstacle will cause Vibri to change form from a Rabbit to a Frog and to a Worm, if the player then fails after that its game over. If, however, the player makes it through a number of obstacles in a row, Vibri will go up a form from Rabbit to a Princess. At the end of the song the player is awarded with a numerical score and Vibri will sing a song, the length of which is increased the higher the score.

Score is kept and placed on a scoreboard, however the scoreboard feature is rendered useless due to the fact that it is reset every time the game is switched off. As the player progresses through the difficulties the frequency of the obstacles increases as well as the speed of Vibri, eventually culminating with the inclusion of combined obstacles where the player must press both buttons at the same time. The game features graphics which are very stylized and simple looking, like children's scribbles across a black page.

For its time Vib-Ribbon was very unique because the software loaded into the RAM and allowed players to generate their own levels based on any music CD they had, resulting in a level of replayability which continues even today.


Soundtrack cover
Soundtrack cover

As well as being able to use your own CD's with the game to create levels the game came with various quirky songs composed by Masaya Matsuura and performed by a band called Laugh and Peace, ranging from Hard techno to bouncy Japanese pop sung in English It was released as a soundtrack CD together with the games lesser known sequel Vib-Ripple.

The songs featured in Vib-Ribbon are:

  1. Polaroid
  2. Sunny Day
  3. Laugh & Peace
  4. Universal Dance
  5. Overflowing emotions
  6. Roll along

The soundtrack could also be listened to by putting the original Vib Ribbon PS1 game disc into a CD player.


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