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Vibri surmounting a gap in Vib-Ribbon.
Vibri surmounting a gap in Vib-Ribbon.

Vibri is a wireframe rabbit created by NanaOn-Sha that first starred in the procedurally generated PS1 music game Vib-Ribbon. In addition to the rabbit form, Vibri can also transform into a princess in that game if the player is performing especially well in a given song, as well as a frog or worm if they play poorly. Aside from the wireframe aesthetics, Vibri is distinctive for having a deliberately robotic voice that formulaically informs the player in a high and surreal pitch of things such as their score and the current track number on the CD being played, among other things. In the European release of the Vib-Ribbon, Vibri always speaks in Japanese, regardless of the localization selected from the options menu.

Vibri and her titular game went on to spawn a small PlayStation-exclusive franchise of sorts from NanaOn-Sha, appearing in the photo-centric PS2 spritual sequel Vib Ripple and serving as the creative inspiration behind Mojib Rhythm, a rhythm game that relies on text files.

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