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    Vice President Aslik

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    Vice President Ludwig von Aslik is one of the main antagonists of the game, "Oddworld: Abe's Exodus." He is the vice president of the whole business you are trying to destroy.

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    Vice President Ludwig von Aslik is a Glukkon who was the administrator of the FeeCo Depot. He is the most intelligent and inventive of the three leaders, (Himself, Director Phleg and General Dripik) of Magog Industries but disliked being a lower rank than them. To make up for this, Aslik would dress up in much smarter and expensive clothing.

    Aslik was the Glukkon who came up with the idea to create higher security protocols to protect the industry from Abe, claiming he would have to be invisible to get in. This was to make sure that if Molluck was to return, the three heads of the Magog Cartel would not get the blame for the destruction of RuptureFarms, which was a part of the Magog Cartel before it was put out of business by Abe.

    Aslik was also the author of a book titled "I, Aslik" which is about his first experience of the use of addiction to compel Mudokuns to work. It also describes how he would like violence and addiction to be combined into becoming a better means 'employee' motivation.


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