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    Victor is a friendly albeit mysterious PDQ-88b Securitron encountered by the Courier at the beginning of their journey in the Mojave Wasteland in the town of Goodsprings. He saves the courier from death at the beginn

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    Victor has been in Goodsprings long before Mr House's Securitrons emerged from the Las Vegas strip in 2274. Victor claims to have been there since 2266 but remembers nothing before that time. Goodsprings residents explain to the Courier that Victor's owner used to live in an old shack in town but not since at least 2274.

    Victor has been unknowingly keeping secrets from the townsfolk, when Mr House found the Platinum Chip in the Sunnyvale ruins Victor was ordered to return it to the Lucky 38 casino. To do this he hired seven different couriers from the Mojave Express in Primm. They would carry six decoys and the real package. Uysses was supposed to carry the chip but refused the job to give it to The Courier in hopes the job would kill him/her. The Courier was intercepted by Benny, McMurphy and Jessup just outside Goodsprings and the Platinum Chip was stolen by Benny.

    Victor dug up The Courier from the shallow grave Benny and two Great Khans had buried him/her in after Benny had shot in the head and nearly killed the Courier. Victor took the Courier to Doc Mitchell in Goodsprings who nursed the Courier back to health.

    Player Interactions

    Victor can be questioned by the Courier upon his recovery about the town his history and information on where Benny and his men went. Victor meets up with the Courier at Novac, Boulder city and later the New Vegas strip. He is tailing The courier for Mr House ultimately taking the Courier to meet Mr House in the Penthouse of the Lucky 38 casino. Victor acts as a guide and a go between in regards to The Courier and Mr House and remains in the Lucky 38 Casino after arriving at the strip and operates the elevator for the Courier to and from the Lucky 38 penthouse

    Victor plays a role in "The House always wins" quest line for Mr House. If Victor is killed after this quest line is started the quest line fails and the player can not achieve the Mr House ending. Victor remains in the lucky 38 for the remainder of the game after reaching the strip.

    If the player kills Mr House for any of the quest lines or of your own choosing, Victor can then be found permanently de-activated at his shack in Goodsprings.

    If the player kills Victor or he is killed by any other enemies or causes his AI will simply jump to a new securitron station, Victor has no knowledge of why this occurs. the same thing happens to Yes Man when he dies.


    • Victor's cowboy aesthetic is more than likely a reference to the Vegas Vic sign in Las Vegas.
    • He is one of only two securitrons with a melee ability.
    • Victor is voiced by legendary actor William Sadler.


    • "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit"
    • "Fancy meeting you here Friend"
    • "He looked all hat and no cattle if you ask me."

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