Victoria II

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    Grand Strategy game from Paradox Interactive where players take command of any nation on earth to face the political and social upheavals of the 19th century.

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    Victoria II - The 19th Century Done Right 3

    Paradox Interactive have a certain DNA to them that make them instantly recognizable. The top-down map view is just as you can see it in Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis III. You play as one of the states that existed in 1836, or 1861 with the A House Divided expansion. There are no win conditions in Victoria II, but as with all of these types of strategy games the ultimate goal is world domination.This might be the most complex and detailed release from Paradox. The game includes a tech tre...

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    Great for Spreadsheet Junkies and Accountants 0

    I like Microsoft Excel: Tabulating data, writing formulas, designing graphs--it's work, but for some reason it can be fun work. Still, it took some time and had to be spurred by that random moment when I discovered that typing in an "=" into a cell opened up a new world of possibility. Strangely (or, depending on your familiarity with Paradox, maybe predictably) enough, this is also the case with Victoria II--and I'm not sure when it happened, but sometime in my first multi-day game playing as s...

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    Victoria II: An Empire on the Moon, er, In the Sun 0

    Well, I have already talked endlessly about Europa Universalis III, but oddly enough, that was not my first deviation into Grand Strategy. In fact, the much more challenging Victoria II was indeed my first.Now, that raises some alarms if you read my EU3 review and read how much of a moronic fuck I was. I somehow managed to get destroyed in that game with cheats on.Oh boy, here we go.Well, I first bought Victoria II when I saw a thread for Grand Strategy games on my local gaming forum. I quickly ...

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