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    Television-headed robots that inhabit the Bureau Realm of Obsidian.

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    Vidbots are one of the more iconic elements of the 1996 adventure game Obsidian, and are the sole inhabitants of the Bureau Realm in that game. Peculiar-looking robots with televisions for heads, vidbots each have a distinct personality and typically feature a human face displayed on their monitor. In addition, they can apparently see and hear, and can communicate via speech just like a human being.

    Almost all of the vidbots are written as comic relief, providing humorous breaks between (or during) sections of puzzle-solving.

    Notable Vidbots

    The Bureau Chief

    The ultimate goal of the Bureau Realm in Obsidian is to meet with the Bureau Chief face-to-face. He's in charge of the Bureau, and is wholly dedicated to rules, process, and procedure. Has a strong hatred for the rebellion of creativity and originality.

    Trivia: during the final confrontation with the Bureau Chief, he can be seen putting on and removing his glasses, apparently pushing them into his monitor (at which point they appear on his human face) and then pulling them back off again shortly thereafter. He is the only Vidbot that seems to be able to do this.

    Hint Vidbot

    Ostensibly designed to provide the player with hints, this vidbot instead will offer up lame jokes in their place.

    Productivity Vidbot

    The Productivity vidbot allows the player to play a Breakout-like game.

    Mediation Vidbots

    I hope you didn't come here hoping to receive any mediation. These two vidbots argue constantly between themselves.

    Rebel Control Vidbot

    This vidbot will ask the player a series of paranoid questions, one relating to the dangers of rebellious curves, to which the Bureau is strictly opposed. "Are there extra O's in your alphabet soup? You are in grave danger! You must chew them to bits!"

    Psychiatrist Vidbot

    This vidbot will give the player character a Rorschach test. For the first two tests, the same picture of a dog is shown, with strange interpretations offered such as "shiny blades of grass covered with the blood of a freshly-strangled witch" or "a freshly-baked scone that's been laced with poison frosting." For the third test, well...

    Security Vidbot

    Similar to the Psychiatrist Vidbot, the Security Vidbot gives the player a personality test. A recurring theme in the possible answers seems to be to beat things to a bloody pulp with a blunt and rounded shovel.

    Personnel Vidbot

    When spoken to repeatedly, this vidbot will eagerly show off pictures of her children, both vidbots themselves, including a vidbot baby in a crib.

    Accented Vidbots

    A handful of different vidbots speak in various flavors of mild accents (Brooklyn, Southern, and British). None of them can apparently understand each other whatsoever.


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