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This 1979 release out of Atari's arcade division placed simple flipper, ball, and drop target graphics onto a screen, which was then mirrored onto a playfield along with a piece of artwork that consists of the rest of the table. Without said artwork, the game itself is a mostly black screen with no discernable table shape. 
Video Pinball is thought to be the first commercial attempt to digitally simulate pinball. It achieved this with basic buttons, a standard issue plunger, and the ability to nudge the game's control surface downwards, which would move the on-screen ball around a little bit. The game, like most actual pinball machines of its era, is extremely simple. 
Atari later released another game called Video Pinball for the Atari 2600, but other than the name and the basic idea of digital pinball, the two games share no in-game characteristics. 
At least one attempt to retrofit a Video Pinball cabinet with a new game has taken place, with enthusiasts replacing the artwork and making additional changed to convert Video Pinball into a Tron-themed pinball simulator. This machine was shown off at California Extreme, an annual gathering of arcade cabinet collectors and enthusiasts.

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