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Brad wants to show dan what the hearthstone does - doesnt show him how to bind to a new location -.-

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lol Brad. Missing Diplomat. :)

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Ouh, massive Stormwind legacy quest fail by Rorie, looking for the wine lady at the inn :D

ETA: Also, massive fail not to remember the crazy cat lady vendor :D

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24 bag slot is not the biggest Rorie...

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OH god i'll be playing again in 2 months gg

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Brad has some supressed voidwalker memories, I think.

@vocel Yep - I don't think either of them are Pandaria players, since they seem to be trying to teach Dan how to play Wrath style.

The trouble with getting a video about a new player, is that it's inaccurate on account of the fact that Dan just tries to push through without ever reading anything. Theres a decent hint system that explains all of this stuff as needed, but for the sake of the video not being boring, they disabled it.

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Brad got way hype for, "Enigma" ? What? Who?? lol


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@vocel: Ya, telling Dan to spam the ability with no inherit cooldown and is meant to expend resources when it's too high.

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I thought Rorie's advice would be helpful - instead he told him to heroic strike every chance he could get. Dan would never be dying, even in his gear, if he was using the right abilities.

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Brad should make a character to level along side Dan, I think his perspective is really interesting since he only remembers vanilla WoW.

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Seeing Dan get mauled by raptors was the perfect ending.

Still resisting the urge to resub, especially since I was talking to my old guild leader and apparently the guild is in the process of eating itself with drama and inter-guild hacking so...

What I'm saying is, is there a giantbomb guild that I won't regret joining if I start to play and reroll on a new server?

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@vao said:

ok thank god, someone with some knowledge about wow,

The initial draw to this video feature was that Dan had Zero MMO knowledge, and it made the video feature fun and interesting.

Having a know it all MMO'r talk about everything WoW related is not a very fun video feature in my opinion. Personally, I think more people want to see someone play WoW that has no clue, then sit and listen to someone who knows everything about WoW

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Wow! Rorie dropping knowledge, son!!

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Really enjoying this series a lot. Brad was really grating on me here though. Rorie knows what hes talking about generally, Brad acts like he knows but its all references to like 9 or 10 years ago, and half the time even for that time its still wrong information. Regardless, still enjoying the series even though I don't care for WoW anymore, keep it up Dan!

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I really want this series to continue past the 4th one. It's been so enjoyable.

It pains me to see all that cloth and wool vendored. Lol.

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Technically, what @brad said about the dire wolf is false. It is not an actual historical creature -- it's an actual pre-historic creature. So, there.

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GUYS - This is the new trio. The new LOLS.

Dan = Vinny (the guy playing who doesn't know where to go)

Brad = Rorie (the guy who knows a lot about the game, but not everything)

Rorie = Ian (the guy who does know everything)

Don't hate, I MISS LOLS

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@darro said:

Thanks to this feature, got back into WoW and played nothing but it last week. Currently a level 27 Draenai shaman. Man do you level up fast in the game. I never reached max level (furthest was level 37 I think with my night-elf warrior) but deleted that character since it put me in the middle of nowhere after the big pre-Cataclysn release patch and gave up. I just like playing it casually and not get super serious with the resource gathering, professions and the like but quest, do dungeons and get cool loot. Played FF XIV: ARR that way and had a blast.

Sounds like you play exactly the same way I do. My highest level character was a level 38 undead mage I think, but now I'm a level 44 troll hunter.

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@nethlem said:

@dvdwalker8 said:

Used to love exploring Duskwood and Stranglethorn. I unfortunately played on a PvP server so I got killed by Horde players a lot in Stranglethorn.

That free Hearthstone mount seems pretty neat.

I may check this out some time next year. So much content to explore and I really like the variety of the zones. It was always cool to go from a farmer's field to Halloweentown to a jungle in a relatively short time.

I've heard from a friend that certain new players who play with friends get crazy XP bonuses that make leveling even quicker.

Duskwood and Stranglethorn had been the places to be during vanilla WoW on PvP servers, leveling trough these zones represented a really perverse challenge. Always had this scary dynamic that loved about PvP in MMO's, not every enemy player would attack, most would only be farming/questing just like oneself.

Sometimes somebody would just try start hunting people down, "gank" them when they are low from an PvE fight, usually resulting in parties forming to hunt him/them down, sometimes high level people from involved guilds joined the fight, turning a single gank into a full blown skirmish between dozens of players.

Those had been the moments i always loved about MMO's, sadly the seem to be entirely "designed away" by now :/

Aw man, so much this.

I friggin looooooved leveling up in Stranglethorn with all of my alts, best ganks, counter ganks, brining in the big boys, starting shit up at Nessy's or Booty bay, all out brawls, it was the rawest shit.

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NOO! Stop letting him sell those mats! That wool!

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More, please! Very enjoyable to watch as a veteran and seeing how the game appears to newer players.

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Yeah, Rorie is like a guru compared to any of the others that have joined in on this feature earlier.

@meatsim said:

I like how Rorie is immediately able to point out something that Dan has done wrong without even looking at his character sheet.

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I like how Rorie is immediately able to point out something that Dan has done wrong without even looking at his character sheet.

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@bumpton: If you don't know what Brads talking about, it's probably Dota

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I remember trying to read quests a million times to find areas, until I got so frustrated that I had to use thottbot and felt like I was cheating majorly. Nowadays I hardly read quests anymore. Unless they seem interesting.

EDIT: Omfg, getting hacked... you feel so violated, even though you get everything back within days.

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This video was made much better with Rorie on hand. Some of the information that comes from Brad is just embarrassing. Unfortunately this feature has put me in danger of relapsing on this game after that next big patch. I have to buy both Cataclysm and Pandaria I think but I'd be down to get my lvl 80 Warlock up to the cap and maybe do some battlegrounds. Thanks for the video. Looking forward to the finale.

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It makes me miss WoW, I really hope this becomes a NEW endurance run

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@darksagus: even more frustrating with Rorie not telling the advantage of dual wilding with fury spec. Rorie seem to only use protection and nothing else tho.

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Posting just to support extending this series! <3

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Please continue this after 30 day trial with Rorie!!! Pretty please! It is super enjoyable for a WoW vet to look at the game from newbie perspective. Plus I love you guys.

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Please don't end this series anytime soon I look forward to it every week!

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"Nice Skinner Box bro!"

*behavior analysis high five @brad*

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@mikelemmer said:

@bumpton: DotA's Enigma was based off the Voidwalkers in Warcraft.

Ugh, really? I have no problem with weird references, but if no one present understands them, the audience doesn't get it, AND you don't bother to explain yourself, it's just irritating/insulting to everyone involved.

I don't know crap about wrestling, but I can at least deal with Dan's constant references because he'll explain that stuff and I won't feel totally left in the dark.

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@sixpin: because then they would at least get subscription money instead of no money? Or they could price expansions more reasonably, especially since from now on they're said to be annual.

@insertcoins what the fuck

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This was fun to watch but pretty frustrating as a warrior, watching him play, but I guess that's expected.

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Thanks Dan for ruining my life, getting me into this deep hole

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@pinkcrayon32: You know they took out the old talent trees right? It's only a choice of 6 skills you pick at 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90.

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@bumpton: DotA's Enigma was based off the Voidwalkers in Warcraft.

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Good lord, Brad need to relax. Haha yes, this game has changed a bunch, but he seems SO offended by some of these changes that will never effect him.

Also, what was with the "BLACKHOOOOLE" and "It's enigma" comments from Brad? That thing was a Void Walker... It's been in the game since the beginning... What on earth is he talking about?

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Most surprising thing to me was that Rorie has not played any Horde toons! Man I loved the Undead starting area so much and I felt the Horde had the better overall zones to get started in.

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Dan thinking white=grey and selling that wool stack, complete facepalm.

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This is a fantastic feature, keep it up guys!

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anyone know if he deleted the ballon pet he got?

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If Dan wants to keep going I'm definitely all for more episodes after the trial runs out.

Rorie's knowledge and opinions were really interesting in this one too.

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Dan thinking 14 silver is a lot of money. So innocent. I got a good chuckle.

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At least Matt was able to give you some info this time, Dan. There's so much to know in this game now that it takes a wiki to know what you need to know.

I've been playing this off and on since it came out, but I play tons of MMOs. Most of this stuff is just natural to me now.

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If Dan keeps playing after his trial I hope we get more check in videos.