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Surprised this is hitting so soon. Feels like it was farther off. Really glad horror games aren't letting up.

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my time has time

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my time has time

Yeah... I'm gonna assume that must have some deeper meaning related to the content of the game and is in fact a very clever nod to something we don't know about (instead of, you know, a glaring typo in a 1 sentence deck)

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I'm glad I get this game for free (and by free, I mean that I backed it ages ago, so it feels like it's free :P)

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But... how much time does my time have exactly!? HOW MUCH TIME IS MY TIME!?

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Better than "your come has come" I suppose!

Really looking forward to this game even thought I'm a giant man-baby. There's just something about the perspective that lends itself more to building a sense of vulnerability in me than in other horror games.

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Can we look forward to a spooking with scoops on this?

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My time has definitely time. Time time !

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The time has been doubled.

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Your time is time up.

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i didn't know among the sleep would have time portals

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Your time has time sounds scary

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Hope Patrick is not having a stroke. His time has time.

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Time is a flat time.

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Looks pretty athmospheric and the whole 'playing as a kid' is kinda interesting too.

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So much time, not enough time!

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Welcome to welcome!

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Bit of a typo in the description I think. Some sort of timeception going on there!

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Two-year-olds are a flat circle.

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Finally. Wait...did I back this? It's been so long I can't even remember.

Edit: I guess I did, but not enough to get the game :(

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Sweet, feels like a good fit for 'Spookin'

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I'm still interested, but I think I was more interested before the talking bear and the American McGee landscapes. Something about being an ordinary kid in an ordinary house made the early trailers more creepy.

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If you buy it from their website, you get it DRM-Free, so kudos to that.

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Game seems creepy enough, but I don't know about the whole playing as a child part...

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Stewie and Rupert DLC coming soon.

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Teddy is one creepy little duder.

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I might actually play this

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Is it weird that I lost interest as soon as supernatural stuff started happening? I thought this would be a Gone Home-ish style of wandering around your spooky ass house as a toddler while your parents are somehow missing, and having your mind be fucked with.

Or it could be the kid's imagination running wild. That would explain the weird, walking teddy.

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Damnnnnnnnnnnn! Gonna get it!!