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@WWWackyson said:
" Looks like all the same stuff we've seen a million times before. "
agreed. looks exactly like the normal campaign
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Those "levels" had better be comparative in size to the "chapters" of the main game or that's going to be very little content for the $10 asking price.  If it's got a decent amount of content it should be good fun with a buddy, if not totally mind blowing.  Sort of like the main game.

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I don't think I've ever seen a less informative trailer in all my life.

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Well at least you don't have to walk to the train station to get on the train.

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 Gameplay looked last gen-ish. 

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YAY Shanghai gets fucked up s'more!

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Hmm enjoyed the game, but was put off by the pathetic multiplayer problems, i kept the game for a month as i was hoping the extraction mode would be good? 
What a disappointment that was, utter horrible, not a patch on Gears2 Hoarde mode, so me and a mate both traded our copys in. 
Shame, but at least the campaign was pretty good for a few playthroughs (around 22 hours in total i think i got from it) 
Might pick up another copy in due course when the game is only 10quid. 

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@Hardin4188 said:
" @Bionicicide said:
" Anyone else thought they were watching an Xbox (1) trailer? "
*Raises hand* "
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TWO ALL NEW CAMP----Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Wow - for someone who was actually kinda excited for the sequel (had some great coop times with the first), that look awful. Worst trailer I've seen in a while - low res, badly edited, made it look like a last gen title. 
I know for a fact that the game itself doesn't look quite so rough - can't believe they greenlit this piece of promotional material.

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Nothing I would buy.

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@Bionicicide said:
" Anyone else thought they were watching an Xbox (1) trailer? "
*Raises hand*
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This just looks like crap that was supposed to be on the disc to begin with. Sigh Army of Two, you'd think you would've learned the first time...

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How about you fix the damn game first! it's still fully broken for most people.

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I loved the game itself but I'm not going to buy this rip.

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Anyone else thought they were watching an Xbox (1) trailer?

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Gameplay looked last gen-ish.

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seriously... i didn't even get the endings lol
or what was happening in the game altogether apart from Shangai getting fucked up by terrorists.

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This game has such amazingly stupid endings.

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Looks like all the same stuff we've seen a million times before.