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Edited By MordeaniisChaos

Huh.. This is Frostbite 2? What happened to it?

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Edited By DasUberOgre

Fuck everyone else. Ao2 is still one of my favorite Co-Op series' out there. Hyped as shit for this.

EDIT: Wow, I don't even care about that dumb quest...but being that close without trying still kinda stings.

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Posted By Ashuttle

haha alpha and bravo

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Posted By MordeaniisChaos

@DasUberOgre: Judging from your mannerisms and a couple of your images, I'm guessing this game is pretty much made for you. Or by people very much like you.

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Posted By Spiritof

If this trailer contained an actual "shit storm", I'd be preordering this game right now instead of typing this snarky comment.

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Posted By binhoker

the fucking logo has a three incorporated into the word two! that is some straight up numerology bullshit right there.

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Posted By Sackmanjones

I have a hard time believing this is frostbite 2....

As far as gameplay it's whatever, army of 2 was always a competent 3rd person co op shooter. I'm sure this one will be too. Although the Roman numeral 3 for a W is the worst.

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Posted By TheYear20XX

Army of Tiiio.

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Posted By RenMcKormack

These games are fun as hell in co op. if you are turned off by this Bro thing then you are missing out. Also fist bumping after you blow up a bunch of dudes is hilarious period. Remember. Videogame.

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Posted By Protonguy

How did this franchise survive...

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Posted By Ghost_Cat

I stab you in the face two time. Suck it, drug cartel scum!

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Posted By rebgav

Not nearly enough homoerotic tension.

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Edited By DasUberOgre

@MordeaniisChaos said:

@DasUberOgre: Judging from your mannerisms and a couple of your images, I'm guessing this game is pretty much made for you. Or by people very much like you.

What can I say. I dig masks, guns, and truckloads of near homoerotic subtext.

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Edited By MildMolasses

Is that Big Boi doing the voice at the very beginning? If so, we're halfway to an OutKast page!

Edit: Yes it is.Sadly that article links to a heartbreaking update on the group

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Posted By Nardak
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Posted By DasUberOgre

@MildMolasses: ....Why ya gotta harsh my buzz, man?

Although that Hit-Makers thing sounds interesting in a totally "This is going to be Pre-Order DLC and you know it" kinda way.

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Posted By impartialgecko

Wow. What a brown game.

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Posted By DasUberOgre

@Nardak: I remember reading waaaaay back when the first game was in development that Salem and Rios were designed with Masks because they were supposed to be the stereotypical "Faceless Mooks" that you would encounter in pretty much ever other game in the genre. In-universe they are supposed to be super high-tech and kevlar and what not...which those makes DO exist in real life but no solider would wear them alone.

So yeah, rules of cool and what not.

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Posted By iAmJohn

It continues to blow my mind that they keep trying with this joke of a series.

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Posted By ballsnbayonets

i liked the bros from the last game what happened?!?! replaced with bland voice actors.

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Edited By Tennmuerti

Quality textures. Quality dialogue. Quality voice acting.

At least Salem and whateverthefuckhisnamewas were bro'ing out all the time in a totally ridiculous way.

That said I'll prob have fun telling my brother "permission granted" in a condescending voice.

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Posted By NTM

Ummm. I don't really have anything truly negative to say about this, but I can't outright say "it looks great!" I'm happy a part of Visceral is making it, and I love the engine they're using, so that's a start.

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Edited By VibratingDonkey

Did the second one sell well? I don't understand why this exists. I get the first one, and maybe the second. But at this point the idea of a coverbased third person shooter with co-op is well and truly rote. While I never played any of these games, the consensus seems to be that they're kind of ok but don't really stand out in any fashion, beyond the stupid brofist stuff.

Covering behind oddly placed crates and barrels blocking the way to everything, shooting helicopter, shooting mounted gun from helicopter.

Terrible humor.

Although to be fair, most of the crates and barrels appear to be on pallets. And a fork lift at 1:03. So kudos for the relatively sensible representation of logistics.

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Posted By Icemo

I want a mask like that. And no, I won't use it for any shady business. Probably.

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Posted By Oldirtybearon

I really, really like Army of Two. Both of 'em. I've had too much fun playing those games with friends over the years.

Maybe that's why AoT has always gotten a disproportionate amount of hate. You need a friend to really enjoy it.

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Posted By GunstarRed

Out of all the games released next year this is the one I am most excited about.

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Posted By Dogma

This looks like every other game....

BUT I do think that Army of Two had some really cool co-op concepts as aggro and such. But man...the presentation just turns me of because there don't seem to be much unique stuff here. I hope gameplay will prove me wrong.

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Posted By ThreeRoneC

@Oldirtybearon: I agree. I had a lot of great memories with the AoT series but I always played with friends. From co-op to multiplayer. I didn't really get into the multiplayer in the games but I got all the achievements for the first Army of Two thanks to my friends playing it non stop the week before the server went down. The most fun I had but it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for my group of friends. If I was playing with random people that multiplayer would be kinda horrible. Me and the same group of friends then went to do the second games multiplayer after that because I never really touched it on the 360 but I did how ever on the PS3. Yes this is one of the few games I owned on multiple platforms. Love or hate this game I play this fun and always have a blast. Its not Gears of War but its still a great game.

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Posted By TheHT

Whooooooooo man, that's some awkward banter right there.

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Posted By HatKing

Am I the only one who sees the irony in the tagline "double or nothing"?

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Posted By Crixaliz

I am looking forward to this and Deadspace 3. I enjoy co-op alot more than competitive multiplayer.

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Posted By MisterMouse

Are both Alpha and Bravo white? That seems out of place for the voices...

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Posted By chilipeppersman

@iAmJohn: yea seriously, who plays this generic garbage?

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Posted By Milkman


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Posted By Tsuchikage

All this trailer needed was some annoying dubstep/hip-hop music and it would have been perfect! Then, some annoying hip-hop stuff started up and I was like, "Oh goody!"

Frostbite 2 made Battlefield 3 look amazing. So why does every developer outside of DICE who uses the engine make their games look so much worse?

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Posted By katsu044

Man i loved both Army's of Two mainly because of how silly it was with all it's bro moments was my number one co op game to go to with one of my friends just renting it playing it in one sitting!, but this one.. i dunno so amazed they are still pumping these out

and why does this look like poop with frostbite???

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Posted By marblecmoney

I have a real soft spot for the first Army of Two. I really hope this one turns out good.

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Posted By ZZoMBiE13

@marbleCmoney said:

I have a real soft spot for the first Army of Two. I really hope this one turns out good.

Same here. It was crass and childish and stupid in all the best possible ways. I loved it. Played it several times with my best friend.

I liked the first one almost as much as I hated the second one. 40th day stands as one of the biggest gaming disappointments of this gen for me.

As for this new one, well I just want to know if I can use a diamond plated Desert Eagle or not.

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Posted By HellBrendy

That's a really neat way to write Two, I'll give them that!

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Posted By drumpsycho89

that knife kill was pretty boss!!

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Posted By Maitimo

Now onto the third game and it still feels like they're struggling to find an identity for this series.

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Posted By CptBedlam

@Maitimo said:

Now onto the third game and it still feels like they're struggling to find an identity for this series.

They found it in the first game but abandoned it in the second to some extent. Now they're completely ruining it.

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Posted By crusader8463

So when will people become enraged that they are only killing Mexicans in Mexico like when RE5 got in trouble for killing black people in Africa?

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Posted By Krenor

@crusader8463 said:

So when will people become enraged that they are only killing Mexicans in Mexico like when RE5 got in trouble for killing black people in Africa?

There's been MANY games set in Mexico where you just kill Mexicans all day, and they seriously don't give 2 shits about any of them.

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Edited By Seppli

Nope. Not for me. Don't like the greasy Mexico scenario. Don't like the art direction. Never cared for the franchise. It also looks surprisingly ugly.

That said, Visceral is known for a good 3rd person shooter franchise, albeit in the horror genre, and with the added benefit of the unique and satisfying 'strategic dismemberment' mechanic. Maybe it'll be good regardless, though I'd not bet on it.

Also - between Dead Space 3, Fuse and this - it's definitely the least appealing 3rd person action game from EA, and there's plenty other fish in the sea too.

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

Oh, I get it. Like the Spanish for "uncle."

@adam1808 said:

Wow. What a brown game.

That's racist.

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Posted By Glots

I guess I would've been interested in this...many years ago. Now I just skipped it to the end after a minute. On a somewhat related noted, I really hope Insomniac won't end up turning Overstrike as boring as this seemed to be...

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Posted By ArcLyte

Visceral what are you doing.

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Posted By Andy_117

What... um.

What even is this series anymore?

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Posted By TheManiacsGnome

I had a decent time playing the first game cooperatively with a buddy, and later with my girlfriend at the time.

Also this game has Split screen COOP, Battlefield 3 does not. I think that's probably why it doesn't look as good as BF3, I also doubt it was given anywhere near the same budget as BF3.

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