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Wow, that gamestop voice was jarring after all that smooth talking.

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@jos1ah said:
" @Burns098356GX: Ditto. Really don't get it. And the morph ability looked absurd...Why bother with any realism if you can just do that "
I'm pretty sure this is all supposed to be a simulation of some kind anyways, like a training simulator within the fiction of the game
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Looks great, can't wait to see what other modes they put in!

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This looks sort of cool. I'm still not sold on it, but I'm definitely not completely disinterested any more.

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The multi player looks as boring as the single player, and isnt this just a bunch of  "b side shit" from AC2?

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Wow, this actually looks legitimately good.  Seems like they put a lot of thought into the multiplayer mechanics rather than churning out the typical overdone game modes.

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Ditto. Really don't get it. And the morph ability looked absurd...Why bother with any realism if you can just do that
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Always been a huge Assasans creed fan, and the multiplayer just adds to it.
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narration was disgusting 

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Really curious how the multiplayer turns out.Assassins Creed  2 was one of my favorite games of last year so I have high hopes

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Only multiplayer in the game?

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Gamestop guy at the end there sounds like such a fucking douche 

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nicely done.  i can see myself playing a whole lot of that!

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Hmm. Exclusive content or people to play against.

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Morph ability!!!!!!! Whatt!!!!!

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looks cool, i might pre-order... <_<

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Still definitely a buy-at-launch.

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@one_2nd said:
" wow that looks really fun. "
yes, stealth is very fun, isn't it?
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@SumDeus said:
" Best implication of stealth I've seen in multiplayer. "
gotta love stealth..
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Cool stuff

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Morph power looks jank

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looking forward to this game :D
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Looks a little too convoluted but we'll see. I love multiplayer focused games so this might really do it for me

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I just hope the single player does not suffer because they added multiplayer.

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@slaneesh:  i third it..... UNLESS they focus more heavily on co op because that is the only way it could work
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Is there any chat ability online?

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Best implication of stealth I've seen in multiplayer.

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@Number1 said:
" I dunno it looked pretty auto-aim.
From what I can see, this is not at all intended to be about that sort of skill. The focus seems to be much more on making a stealthy approach to your target, and making a rapid escape from your hunters, each having a certain number of tactical approaches. It doesn't expect precision aiming of you in much the same way as something like GTA doesn't: the emphasis is elsewhere. You wouldn't criticize a game like Modern Warfare 2 for not having Mirror's Edge-like traversal or whatever.
I wonder if players are rewarded for assassinating other players who aren't their targets, if they can determine who they are, and what sort of discouragement there is from just killing everyone. I'm guessing being too visible makes you a target for everyone or something. Or perhaps you just drain points when the suspicion meter goes up.
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Hmmm It'll be interesting to play and looks like fun but I can see it being a game people play online for the first few weeks but soon drops out of sight.

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That morph power was freaking lame....

And Fuck Gamestop

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I dunno it looked pretty auto-aim. But i could see this working with 16 players maps the size of Florence.

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can be fun.

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Do want.

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looke interesting but definitely need to wait for reviews and real world play because this was just a demo, a controlled showing.  I mean, how will human people actually control the characters?  Seems like the human factor will really affect the gameplay.

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Granted haven't gotten to play AC2 yet but seeing all the MP characters in this I'd have preferred to see some element out of the Hitman series where in the single player you had all the costumes & needed to play the part to get close to the hit then escape. Will know more when I get to play it but that would definitely make more sense to me than MP assassin matches.

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@WWWackyson:  just a quick magical disguise? but then again, when did magic enter into Assassin's Creed?
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This is going to sound bad but i thought the commentator annoying as hell!

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hey that looked really cool

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Do any of you want to cut off your ears when you hear that Gamestop guy? Man...

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@Ineedaname said:
"That mode was a blatant rip off, of the source game, "The Ship" "

I always wanted to play that but didn't have a card : (
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Looks nice and quite an interesting way to make it multiplayer (for this game mode at least)

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That mode was a blatant rip off, of the source game, "The Ship"

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Very interesting. Could set up some intense moments knowing that you're always being stalked.

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Gotta say, this looks fun as hell. Def got me interested.
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Hey check it out, it looks and plays just like Assassin's Creed 2. Must be an expansion. Oh, wait....

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looks neat!

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Douchebag Gamestop voiceguy is a douche. 
Also this looks pretty cool, alot moreso than id let myself think it 'd be at least.

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They didn't mention the most important part! The civilian NPCs are all the same character models you pick your character from, so at a distance, it's literally impossible to visually tell who's an assassin and who's the computer.