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Posted By Dan_CiTi

And people continue to flock to this game to sound off as if they know how games are made...

All predictable internet raving aside, this game interests me and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Actually most of it comes from an animator who worked on AC and Mass Effect games saying how ridiculous Ubi's claims were. The real defense is that each player in co-op just plays / sees themselves as Arno. Though there is no excuse for all the British accents all over the game.

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Posted By SumMexican75

So... what is the point for this trailer again for?

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Posted By ShadowSwordmaster

So... what is the point for this trailer again for?

To introduce a lady and some dlc.

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Edited By Turul

A lot of people poking fun at this trailer.But as someone who's part of the "hardcore" AC community. This trailer is a big fucking deal right now.

This trailer is at times, shot for shot, the same as the original AC trailer, featuring Altair assassinating during a public execution. HC assassins fans love that UBi is going back to their roots.

It also confirms that Arno has made allies with a templar, a possible love interest. Altair had a similar story where he fell in love with one of his targets, Maria Thorpe, and turned her to the assassin's. An alliance or truce between the warring factions has been hinted at and somewhat attempted throughout AC, but never fully realized, it could be a major plot point for the whole series.

Anyways, just thought the GB community would appreciate an analysis from someone inside the Hardcore fanbase.

P.S. The books are rubbish, but a lot of people, including myself, enjoy them. The older books are just retellings of the games, but the recent ones expand on the universe.

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Posted By Rodin

Is woodkid the go to guy for trailer music now?

granted that its only happened a few times but i feel like since it stands out to me, it might become a thing.

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Posted By white

No choice quotes from Giantbomb?

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Posted By themangalist

I don't get the Ubi-hatin'. They know why they can't make the main character into a lady and you know it too. They're a huge company, they can't just admit "female protagonists sell 40% less than a male protagonist". And here I am not giving a shit, as long as they try to tell a good story for once. An assassin fighting alongside/falling in love with a Templar? Sounds cool (even if AC1 kind of did that already) All the AC games had the bits and pieces of a great story but end up being incoherent messes all the time.

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Posted By LiquidPrince

I feel like everyone seems to be forgetting that all the main characters in Assassin's Creed games, minus Edward and Connor, have names that translate to eagle. Altair in Arabic, Ezio in Italian, and now Arno in German. Connor's Mohawk name translated to something like "free spirit" or "spirit clawer" or something.

Anyways, this trailer was pretty badass. Music was oddly fitting.

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Posted By geirr

I wish they'd reveal Batman.

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Edited By NicoTn

@lausebub said:

Another Assassin's Creed CG trailer, another Woodkid song.

Man, i love woodkin

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Posted By Mezmero

They already made a comic for Elise called Rose of Versailles except her name was Oscar.

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Posted By Mr_Creeper

@fonzinator said:

@dorkymohr said:

Careful in these comments, you might trip over everyone else who's rushing to make the same joke.

Before I read the comments I thought you might have been exaggerating... boy was I wrong.

So much truth. It's so unlikely, but I'm just gonna pretend she was a playable character all along and Ubisoft was just sitting back and laughing at everyone this whole time. I can dream, can't I?

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Posted By Turul

@liquidprince: Connor's Birth Name Ratonhnhaké:ton, is an actual name given to UBI by the mohawk tribe. It's translation meaning "a scratched life". Connor means "hound-lover". His Grandpa, Edward, name means "wealth" or "fortune".

All of their names are specifically picked, most having to do with birds!

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Posted By Sergio

I'm grateful that not too many people here made the same stupid comment about animating a woman in this game. So far nobody whining about her being damseled - I haven't checked Polygon yet.

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Posted By deactivated-57d3a53d23027

It's only CG, which means they still haven't bothered to crunch overtime for the dynamic boob physics.

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Posted By TruthTellah

Cool trailer, but the last 10 seconds was suuuuuuper gross. Makes me almost embarrassed to have liked the rest.

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Posted By GrantHeaslip

@fonzinator said:

@dorkymohr said:

Careful in these comments, you might trip over everyone else who's rushing to make the same joke.

Before I read the comments I thought you might have been exaggerating... boy was I wrong.

In all honesty, I was rushing in here to joke about the people rushing in here to joke about the female animations.

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Posted By GiantLizardKing

"Hey guys, we made some ladies". Way to strike while the iron is hot with all the outrage.

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Posted By BRNK

So Ubioft's mea culpa for not including a female protagonist is a trailer in which she's a damsel in distress? Good lord, there's no saving these guys.

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Edited By cloudnineboya

@mooseymcman: cool thanks. that interior level looked really nice. kinnda got my interest back for another shot of more assassin's creed .

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Posted By ZeMadHatter

@neon25 said:
@deerokus said:

The spelling of the main character's name in this game annoys me. Should be Arnaud, surely? Arno is an Italian river. :(

“The spelling of Arno, A-R-N-O, is an older French/Germanic, I believe Frankish variation, of the name. It’s not as common as Arnaud but you still see it occasionally. It comes back to Arno’s family history. His family is a very old one and they’ve been Assassins for a very long time so we wanted to give him a slightly more antiquated name. Also, the phonetic spelling makes it easier to pronounce.


Surely they don't mean to say their target audience would struggle to pronounce Arnaud ?

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Posted By dr3day

@joshwent: that was my reaction. "Hey check it out we're hip with it we got a girl in the game and she's doing sword stuff just like the guys!"

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Posted By LiquidPrince

Anyone who thinks this trailer was made as a reaction to the "it would be difficult to make female assassin's" debacle clearly has no idea how long it takes to make these CG trailers. They would have started working on this months ago...

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Posted By plato84

"She's also getting her own spin-off novel."

... not sure if serious. >__>

Vinnies gonna read it in the original france.

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