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Posted By OllyOxenFree

Swing and a miss!

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Edited By MooseyMcMan

I also never asked for this.

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Edited By seamuspaxman

I did.

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Posted By dOm_CaTz

when will it be ported to vita and 3ds?

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Posted By MeatSim

Nobody asked for this ever.

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Posted By Wiseblood

What a shame.

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Posted By Rirse

RIP Square Enix

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Posted By Stimpack

Whatever. The ending to Deus Ex: HR was pure garbage. I don't know how people loved that game so much.

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Edited By fisk0

Looks pretty OK to me, there's still the question of how it'll control, but Deus Ex never was about great precision shooting anyway, they could certainly get away with lots of auto-aim and dice roll based combat in my book. I hope it'll appear on PC as Human Revolution DLC or as a Blood Dragon style stand alone, cheap downloadable game later on, or at least on Android devices. I'm sure this could be pretty neat on Ouya.

Or, yeah, Vita/3DS could be great fits for this as well.

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Edited By JamesJeux007

I... never asked for this joke to get old.

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Edited By perilator666

the death of deus ex

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Edited By tourgen

aaaaaah come on guys! Just let me buy this on the consoles or PC! Touch controls for a cover shooter ... noooooooooo don't do this to us! why!?

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Edited By Daneian

No thanks.

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Edited By BeachThunder

I can only assume that this was posted just to make the "I never asked for this" joke.

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Edited By Kaiserreich

yeah, rip.

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Edited By Jonny_Anonymous

well shit....

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Edited By Clink

this wouldve never happened with msoft thanks sony

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Posted By brainwins

You know it's bad when the April's fool Deus Ex looked better than this.

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Edited By august

My disappointment is augmented.

Alternate joke post: I asked for this. Sorry guys.

Real post: this game seems fine, they probably just shouldn't have had any pr buildup so people couldn't get worked up about a possible full new game.

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Posted By brainwins

@august said:

My disappointment is augmented.

Alternate joke post: I asked for this. Sorry guys.

Real post: this game seems fine, they probably just shouldn't have had any pr buildup so people couldn't get worked up about a possible full new game.

Or you announce a real Deus Ex and at the end you say "hey, we also did this thingy for when you are on the toilet".

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Edited By Tofin

So...it's a prequel to the prequel?

This is even more disappointing than I expected.

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Edited By Roger778

I didn't ask for this, either, Jeff.

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Posted By MrGtD

Hey, why don't they actually try and take advantage of the change of platform instead of trying to do a half-assed version of a game that doesn't work with only a touchscreen? Why isn't this a game all about hacking? There's already a thing in the series made for an iOS installment!

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Edited By TrafalgarLaw

I spill my drink!!!

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Posted By Gmanall

Let's hope it has better load times...

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Posted By Wampa1

@mrgtd: Right? Uplinks already on Ipad just give me a simpler version of that with Deus Ex hooks.

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Edited By FacelessVixen

Android version with controller support, otherwise I don't care.

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Posted By rahr012

It could be worse.

A Deus Ex MOBA

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Posted By Soapy86

Surprised Jeff of all people would make an "I never asked for this" joke.

But for real, no one fucking asked for this.

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Edited By JoeyRavn

Oh, wow, we've got trolled HARD.

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Edited By Vasper_Knight

Ahhh touch screen gaming, this is the difference between a game and a game made for touch screens. Hopefully... I don't think i want this,

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Edited By Ngunkuru

This would've been way better suited for an actual console release, like the Vita.

This looks like they literally copied the interface from DE:HR and shoehorned it into touch.

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Posted By KainCarver

Their Announcement trailer is sitting at almost 13,000 dislikes to 1000 likes. That's got to sting a little I guess.

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Edited By KainCarver

@thesilenttruth: Android Vers. has been confirmed to come later, no idea about controller support though.

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Posted By WilliamHenry

@stimpack said:

Whatever. The ending to Deus Ex: HR was pure garbage. I don't know how people loved that game so much.

Because story is the only reason why anyone could like a game right?

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Posted By VoshiNova
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Posted By Cybexx

I don't think the Deus Ex experience necessarily needs to be a 1st-person shooter, because all your getting with this is a shoddier looking and shoddier playing version of Human Revolution. I think you could do a pretty cool adaption of the Deus Ex universe with a top-down turn-based game or something similar.

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Edited By Korolev

Ugh. Touch controls. For a shooter. Is Square-Enix so angry at Eidos for not making "a bajillion dollars" that they don't want to properly fund a successful franchise?

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Edited By McRibs

I also would have accepted, "Alpha Protocol 2" as a title.

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Edited By Max_Cherry

This is outsourced crap!

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Posted By TheManWithNoPlan

This game has "Fallen" short of my original expectations.

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Posted By JamesAwesome

Port this to the Vita and give it some real controls and then we'll talk.

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Edited By Rotnac

Hah... and people thought Eidos couldn't do worse than Invisible War. Who is this made for anyway?

Also, I actually liked Invisible War (on Xbox) for what it was.

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Posted By Parsnip

Only thing that probably works in this game is the hacking minigame.

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Posted By PXAbstraction

Not like this...

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Edited By SketchAEtch

Who asked for this? WHO WAS IT?!

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Posted By Xpgamer7

well...I kinda want more deus ex dialogue and persuasion and story stuff....but also...not on this...Ughh...

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Posted By Elwoodan

Remember that april fools joke about the awesome 8-bit Deus Ex?

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