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Posted By Aas

I just finished the original Bad Company, this looks sweet.

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Posted By gingertastic_10

yes!! im so stoked i loved the first one

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Posted By cc23574

Looks awesome.

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Posted By Aaox


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Posted By Jimbo7676

Weird that they still haven't shown a single thing about the single player.

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Posted By ht101

That looks pretty awesome.  I loved the first one and I will definitely keep an eye on this one.

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Posted By chrjz

I really liked the first one, but that was mostly due to the single player... I hope this one is able to do both.

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Posted By VicRattlehead

loved the first both for its single and multi player....cant wait for this :D

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Edited By Rain_1


Medic is back on the field, mofos. My class will reign supreme once again! :D

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Posted By Doomi

Is this ingame?

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Posted By Anthony_Galindo

I'm genuinely excited for Bad Company now. So much so, that I think I'll pick up the first one. I liked what I played of the first game's multiplayer beta, I just hope the single player is as good.

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Posted By dimpley


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Posted By shawnyofthedead

i'm so gonna get this day 1 as long as they don't pull the pay for weapons trick again

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Posted By FlipperDesert

God damn it, I just wanna know if the campaign will still be awesome, that was my favourite part of BC1.

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Posted By JoelTGM

everybody does that, just add snow and now it's a new and exciting sequel.

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Posted By FireBurger

Yeah, but reading a preview on GameSpot, they mentioned regenerating health instead of the syringe. I don't know if that's only the Assault class, but that may mean no medpacks. Still, charging through a helicopter strafing run while weaving between enemy tanks to defibrillate a downed teammate was one of the best types of moments in BF2. Can't wait.
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Edited By Seppli

Uhhhh yeah!!!

It's a year now since the first BF:BC hit the stores. I play it ever since. Still getting better at it. Still learning new angles to play. Still owing asses like a pimp. Sometimes, it's even better than sex! The rush of the hunt for kills and gold crates. Thrilling!

BF:BC 2 will be a massive 1UP. I saw resuscitation. I saw a transport helicopter. I saw an air raid. I believe I saw procedural real time destruction. Oh my god! This will be so good! I will eventually forget to eat and starve. Awesomeness that kills!

'Til then, I shall further play BF:BC and soon add in some BF 1943. Thank you DiCE for making my XBOX Live account worth while!


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Posted By BR4DL3I9H

First one was good, so hopefully they will have taken the criticisms and will make this one a knock out.

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Posted By Reverseface

DId anyone else notice that the green player tags(end of video) were not the character names, so this is 4 player co-op now ?? That will be awesome. ^.^;

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Posted By MordeaniisChaos

Looks great!! Not particularly differnt, but great, none the less.

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Posted By JazzMaverick

I was disapointed with the first Bad Company tbh...the singleplayer was poor,and they messed about with the multiplayer too much,which was perfect on BF2 and Modern Combat.I hope DICE realised that,and take the game back to the winning formula ( Huge maps,purposeful kits and tons of fun)

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Posted By Death_Unicorn

I hated Bad Company numero uno, but this looks so reminiscent to Battlefield 2, it tempts me.

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Posted By lamegame621

Looks like it's more like BF2 again. Awesome!

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Posted By randiolo

sweeeeeeeeeeeet !

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Edited By Jimbo

lol, I love how they transition from 'cutscene' to 'game in progress', using the shock paddles.  "Wtf?? ..... ohhhh!"

Smart trailer.

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Posted By mrsmiley

woah... all this in multiplayer? freakin impressive.

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Posted By borgmaster

loved the multiplayer in the last one, I just hope that they would make servers that aren't picky about connection strength...

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Posted By Mawryk

Looks like good battlefield fun!

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Posted By MeatSim

Shock paddles will get you back up on your feet no matter how many gun shots to the face you've taken

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Posted By Crono
MeatSim said:
Shock paddles will get you back up on your feet no matter how many gun shots to the face you've ... [more]
Or how thick your padding is that the paddles have to work through.
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Posted By SuperSecretAgenda


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Posted By TheMustacheHero
@Reverseface: You obviously missed the blue players in the background then. Green means they were in your squad, so green= squad mates, and Blue is just normal team members, and red is enemy.
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Posted By FrankCanada97

Defibrillator FTW!!!

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Edited By sneakysnake128

lol, the paddles in RL only work on bare skin. I know it's a video game but I found it insulting.

Also, that helicopter was like a balloon being popped by a needle. The moment it touched that roof, ALL of it blew up. That's terrible...

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Posted By sneakysnake128
@mrsmiley: More like prerendered with player names added on top.
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Posted By giyanks22

Game looks awesome!!!

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Posted By gustavog117


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Posted By JackiJinx

That's looks nice. Which part is the actual gameplay though?

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Posted By stephengotlost

I played Bad Company's multiplayer demo for sixteen hours. I'll be sure to fully experience the sequel.

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Posted By smokeH

that was pretty cool actually

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Edited By MrKlorox

Day one purchase. But for what system? Torn between friends list and mouse/keyboard.

Of course it's all "pre rendered". But it looks like pretty much everything (except for a lot of the character animations while moving inside the house) is actually how the game will look.

They improved the spotting system, which is what you see when he points at the helicopter. If things can be blown up in real life, they can all probably be blown up in the game.

I hope they included better bullet penetration (one way CoD beats BF) and firing arc (think STALKER) this time.

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Posted By pause422

I don't see how there are "WOW ALL THIS IN MULTIPLAYER? AMAZING!" posts here....there is literally nothing shown in this trailer that wasn't in the first Bad Company's subpar multiplayer.

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Posted By dagas
pause422 said:
I don't see how there are "WOW ALL THIS IN MULTIPLAYER? AMAZING!" posts here....there is literally nothing shown in this ... [more]
There's SNOW! =P
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Posted By th0a

oh my god that looks f'ing intense, multiplayer looks like it'll be the bomb

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Edited By MrKlorox
pause422 said:
I don't see how there are "WOW ALL THIS IN MULTIPLAYER? AMAZING!" posts here....there is literally nothing shown in this ... [more]
Then you must have literally been unconscious while playing the first Bad Company's exceptional-for-console-only multiplayer.
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Posted By the_purgatory_station

another good BF trailer from DICE.
i loved the sound.

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Posted By spilledmilkfactory

the original is still probably the best console multiplayer around, maybe tied with CoD. this looks so good, and so does bf1943. so much battlefield goodness coming up.

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Posted By CrazedJoker

Piece of shit, same game. different place.

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Posted By SlantedRoom

wow, this definitely SOUNDS like a BF game. amazing how much they put into the sound design just for this trailer. love it. can't wait.

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Posted By Whiplash

Looks sweet. I wasn't that much of a fan of the first one but this one looks good

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