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@Brad said:
" wowzers "
Fuckin' yes, Brad XD
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potential purchase

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more halo is always good

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wants the rest of the video.  le sigh, for les overworked GDC/PAXers

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thanks the one at GAMESPOT didnt work
oh wait neither does this one AGGGGGGHHHHh

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@patrick5152003: Yeah it stops when the guy is talking...bummer.
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There goes Brad..
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Here's the original video until it's fixed duders.

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Here's to 343, being in the biggest shadow since Luigi

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Cut short for me, only 1:38 seconds of video.

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Fix the description too. Its 343i and CA , Bungie did nothing on these maps.

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@MaddProdigy said:
" Cut short for me, only 1:38 seconds of video. "
same for me.
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Frankie! I miss him. Probably will be seeing more of the guy though now that Bungie has moved on.

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damn, i finally, finally just kicked Halo.
but this looks great, looks like a lot of effort went into it.

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anyone else getting stream not found???  :(

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Im guessing they released this video to get us used to the idea of other companies working on halo.

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The maps look good to me and it's good to know Frankie and some other vets are working on it.  BUT how are they gonna get the music right if there's no O'Donnell and crew?  Those guys put together some gorgeous stuff. 
Will be interesting to see how the next Halo game turns out.
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oh my word!!! I WANT THIS!!!!!! just got the noble map pack to!! haha

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These guys definitely seem dedicated.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:
Yeah, he is great.
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@MordeaniisChaos: Feel pretty good about Halo being in his and 343's hands. I love how serious they are about the universe.
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343 has some seriously big shoes to fill, but atleast judging by this, they might even be able to pull it off quite nicely. Cant wait to see the proper full Halo game they are working on. Also, yeah its nice to see Frankie again :))

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One of these guys was the lead multiplayer designer for Halo 3. I have always considered Halo 3 to be the Halo with the weakest multiplayer. Coincidence?
Hopefully he can redeem himself in my eyes with this map pack.

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@big_jon said:

" @MordeaniisChaos said:

Yeah, he is great. "
He was pretty much THE reason I listened to the Bungie Podcasts. When I got my Legendary Helmet signed by a bunch of Bungie guys, I asked specifically for his signature. Still one of my most prized possessions =p  
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Looks fantastic! Glad to see the quality of Halo continues

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I appreciate that these dudes are continuing in the 'open development' tradition Bungie started with the Halo series, and they do seem like they're operating with a lot of respect for the franchise. On the other hand, ultimately only the quality of the product matters, and they have a lot to prove. Here's hoping they do.

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I've been itching to get back into Reach, will pick this up on launch day. Grenade launcher, ready!

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I really, really want to get back into Halo: Reach. I still love all things Halo, but my friends all seem to follow the mantra of "I can only enjoy one or two games at a time", and right now, those games are CoD and Battlefield -- even though we all used to play the shit out of some Halo 3 and had a blast. I love me some CoD and Battlefield, but I also love Halo. Problem is, it just isn't as fun when you're not playing with friends.

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@LaszloKovacs: I 'think' 343 has already done maps for Halo games before, and I think they can do the best possible job with future maps, games, and other content. Can't really think of a better way to keep Halo things rolling with some great talented people that actually want to do it, while Bungie jumps on whatever they are up to next.
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Less then 1% of the halo players are girls. I always get annoyed when they show video of girls playing. Where are these girls hiding as they sure aren't on XBL.

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@Jack_Daniels: I'm confused as to why it matters if a woman does or doesn't use Xbox Live, it's not a dating service.
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Dude........ Who the hell ever liked the Zero G areas...? They are just stupid. They never learn

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Damn those maps look good.

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Oh from 343? So has Bungie stopped development all together on Reach? Bungie isn't working on any new maps or anything from their current game?

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I'll buy these maps when they fix the fucking game. Halo Reach is a disappointment to this fellow Halo fan.

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Looks like Halo is in good hands. These maps are very easy on the eyes.

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I don't spend a lot of time looking at the background of a map becuase I am usually getting shot at.

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I rather them release the old maps in one large download. You don't have to update them or make spiritual successors. I'd love it for nostalgia reasons and custom games.

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B X R \o/

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Really don't care for Halo but these guys got heart, even for being just the people who made some map packs and working spread around jobs off the games. 
Its nice I can finally experience Halo sort of purely as last time I played it was 3 and that I accidentally scratched the disc. Since then my only experiences have been LANs. 
And by finally experience it I meant a copy of Reach I won should be hitting my mailbox in the next week or so. And I already sorta won the Noble and Defiant Map Packs so woo.