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Posted By indigozeal

That description of gravy on the sidebar frankly has me worried about certain parties.

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Posted By DexxFM

Oh my god that looks delicious!!

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Posted By Brenderous

that looks good

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Edited By TheShrubber

This is truly the Birdman of vlogs.

Nevermind. I was lied to!

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Posted By Brad

By the time I got there they didn't even have any rice left.

Great, now I want Hawaiian food.

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Posted By fetterdave

"Your next one-on-one with Brad"

A peak into the GB hierarchy!

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Posted By ht101

People who don't like gravy are bad people.

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Posted By chocolatebear

Al pastor, aww yeah!

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Posted By MrCaseyJones


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Gravy is neither good nor bad - for it is worth whatever the Chef making it is worth. As with all foods.

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Posted By stanek1

This made me hella hungry. I made pork chops and frijoles. With an egg.

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Posted By TonicBH

Jan with the Cha-Cha Slide reference at 10:34 👍

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Posted By elite49

I went to a restaurant that served it's Loco Moco with Couscous instead of White Rice...

It was bad.

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Posted By Almeida69

God I cant believe the sauce discussion has made it all the way to the West Coast...

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Posted By Ravelle

Damn, the got a sacrifice print hanging on that wall.

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Posted By MonkeyKing1969

Unless you are specially talking about dog food, do not use the words "Gravy Train" in a sentence.

No Caption Provided

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Edited By ffenix

That sounds like some SF bull. Was there a quinoa option?

@elite49 said:

I went to a restaurant that served it's Loco Moco with Couscous instead of White Rice...

It was bad.

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Posted By MiniPato

Ben has a birds eye view thanks to his incredible height, yet still somehow consistently cuts off the top of the heads of his subjects.

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Posted By avantegardener
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Posted By Humanity

It's a perfect five..

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Posted By garwalk

@minipato: He was very close to Dave's and Jan's faces and frequently pointing the camera slightly away from them with their faces cut off as you said, and made me VERY uncomfortable to the point that this Ben's Lens was difficult to watch.

A+ would watch again.

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Posted By Splodge

That sounds great.

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Posted By deathbyyogurt

confession i kinda hate gravy sorry everyone

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Posted By someoneproud

The loco moco and that hennesey(?) look pretty good.

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Posted By elite49

@ffenix said:

That sounds like some SF bull. Was there a quinoa option?

@elite49 said:

I went to a restaurant that served it's Loco Moco with Couscous instead of White Rice...

It was bad.

No and it was somewhere near D.C.

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Posted By ramprat

Can we get more of Dave?

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Edited By Deadstar

Thumbs up for the SACRIFICE poster at the end. One of the greatest games of ALL TIME. Let's get a remaster made. Hash tag #sacrificeremaster

All my influencers out there, let's do this!

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Posted By dizzuncan

ooh, another Ben's Lens programme

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Posted By RoadDog


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Posted By MerxWorx01

@deathbyyogurt: turn in your badge and your gun! You're off the gravy force!

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Posted By highammichael

I found it very hard to describe a decent burrito

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Edited By eduardo

Gotta love food trucks in California! I had some amazing food during and after E3 from some of them in LA!

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Edited By Anthony

I love loco moco. But it's one of those thing you eat and then feel like human garbage the rest of the day because you consumed so many calories. The macaroni salad they add is really uncecessary.

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Posted By adamantypants
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Posted By Kaplar

I think Jan won out. That looks like a nice amount of chicken.

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Posted By teslaarcade


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Posted By Jutturna

the ben's lens cast gets bigger every week

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Posted By arawk

I had this weird nostalgic, I'm back in college feeling from watching this.

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Edited By frytup

Business Dave gets no respect.

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Posted By TomyDingo
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Posted By ShaggE

Yes, hello, hi, I hear that this train has gravy in it, and I would like to purchase a ticket.

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Posted By BacterialBeaver

Why does it sound like War of the Worlds when you step outside?

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Posted By Screaming_Beagles


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Posted By TGJessie

I don't know what it is about Ben's Lens' that makes everyone in them cute, but I'm all for it.

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Posted By Grondoth

why are people saying 2

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Posted By MissAshley

I need to start watching these more often so I can live vicariously through them. My workplace blows.

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Posted By Sil3n7

Ben's hair lookin' wild.

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Posted By Genessee

"Slider" is still a dumb name.

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